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Corporate Remarketing Services

Trade In of Installed Base

Value and Flexibility

The Corporate Remarketing Services team within Fujitsu can drive even more value back into your business through the take back of older equipment that no longer serves your current business needs. This can be any make of product across the IT range; and the trade-in, does not have to be on a 'one-for-one' or 'like-for-like' basis. We can take back more systems than you are replacing them with (consolidation), or take back different products to the new systems (such as desktops and laptops against new servers, for example). There is no upper limit on the quantity of the equipment being traded back, and this value is independent of the investment in the new Fujitsu equipment. 



How you take the additional benefit derived from the return of your old equipment is up to you. The value returned through the transaction can address any residual net book value that may be an obstacle to refresh; or, can be taken from Fujitsu in the form of additional specifications or systems, warranty upgrades, product training, or professional services to expedite your migration. You have the choice to move the additional value to where your budgets may be under pressure.



The Corporate Remarketing Services team, within Fujitsu, will buy back your older products for an agreed fair market value (subject to audit), and collect the equipment from a single site at no cost. All you have to do is make it ready for collection and secure its transit.


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