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Reshaping the Datacenter

The ideal way to meet these demands is to reshape the whole IT infrastructure, to make it dynamic. And, within this infrastructure, it is the data center that is most critical.

The ability to effectively reshape the datacenter, choosing the right path and selecting the pertinent elements for optimization, is crucial if businesses want to remain competitive and change the status of IT from ‘reactive’ to ‘proactive’. Since it is practically impossible to find identical IT infrastructures in two different companies, the approach to reshaping the data center needs to be tailored to the individual company environment.

In any case, Fujitsu helps you to adapt IT to your specific requirements.

Do you want to compare what are the KPI’s for European datacenters ?
Want to get a clear picture of a datacenter success maturity model ?
and of course get a lot of datacenter best practices ?

Just register to get FOR FREE a full white IDC/Fujitsu white paper on this topic.

Here is the introdution:

Being an aggregate of technology and human elements, datacenters have constantly
been in evolution, welcoming new types of hardware, supporting changing business
models, and becoming an increasingly relevant asset for private and public
organizations. Over the past three years, elements of disruption have been mounting
up, ranging from faster swings in market conditions, to booming computing density
and storage volumes, to the challenges presented by aging datacenter facilities,
unable to support current power requirements...

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