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NetBackup 5340

NetBackup 5330 Appliance and 5340 Appliances are designed for larger enterprises, data centers, and disaster sites. They are optimized for performance, scalability, and resilience. They modernize your data protection and also supports high availability configurations.

Ideal for enterprise environments—Starting at 120 TB and expandable to 1.92PB usable capacity, NetBackup 5340 is designed for large enterprises and data centers requiring performance, capacity and resiliency.

NetBackup 5340:
  • Easily expand or refresh existing NetBackup environments without disrupting operations—Deploy NetBackup 5340 media server and storage within your NetBackup domain.
  • Fits into existing NetBackup environments—Easily expand or refresh existing NetBackup environments without disrupting operations
  • Improve resource utilization—Decrease backup storage up to 50 times and bandwidth consumption up to 99 percent.
  • Flexible deduplication options—Deduplication at source or target; inline or post-process.
NetBackup 5340 High Availability:
  • Improve Uptime—Up to 10x compared to a single node system with rolling upgrades for maintenance operations.
  • Higher Performance—Increase throughput by up to 80% for high dedupe data with active-active operation.
  • Fast Deployment—Deploy in less than 30 minutes with simple 3-stepconfiguration process.
Server Side Deduplication with 98% dedupe rate 37 TB/hr 196 TB/hr
Client Side Deduplication with 98% dedupe rate 58 TB/hr 196 TB/hr

Technical details Media Server with additional Storage
Functionality Deployed as media server
Usable storage capacity (TB) 240 – 1920 TB
Supported environments Physical, virtual and NAS/NDMP systems