Proof of Business in a Week

Why the need to do a Proof of Business in a Week?

The target audience of this ‘Proof of Business Assessment in a week’ are companies that are just starting to discover the possibilities however it is also suited for companies that have already thought through the next steps, have a set of ideas and concepts and want to validate them. It is even suited for companies that have already done a Proof of Concept. A proof of concept is a technical exercise to demonstrate that your idea is operationally feasible. A proof of concept (POC) is mostly used to garner support from internal stakeholders however will in most cases not be seen by potential customers.

A Proof of Business goes deeper and further, it focuses on the business value including possible external stakeholders and enterprise fabric of a company. It includes, next to the elements of a pure Proof of Concept, the Enterprise Ontology and the impact on the organization structure and elements that focus on the implementation of a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) solution. This is why Fujitsu recommends it to avoid the common pitfall of staying stuck in the Proof of Concept, which is clearly noticeable in the different projects in the market.

The ‘Proof of Business Assessment in a week’ is therefore best suited to validate whether Distributed Ledger Technology is the appropriate solution for a specific use case matching the objectives of your company.

The Assessment:

The ultimate goal of the assessment is to gather your insights on a specific business process that could potentially be the ultimate candidate for a full-scale implementation during a subsequent project.

The Proof of Business Assessment takes five (5) consecutive days

We use insights gathered during various implementations and projects to highlight the common pitfalls and offers solutions to establish a simple however sensible Use Case for your company.

The Proof of Business Assessment allows the involved stakeholders to discover the potential and validate based on a simple however functioning Hyperledger Fabric application how this could work in your enterprise environment. The base application uses the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) principles:

  • It brings enough value that people are willing to use it initially;
  • It demonstrates enough future benefit to retain early adopters;
  • It provides a feedback loop to guide future development.


The Fujitsu five-day rapid productization program is available immediately to customers in EMEIA, with concept prices starting at Euro 9,900.

You need more info? Do you have doubts? Download our “Proof of Business in a week” brochure and find your answers.

Download here(pdf file, 791kb)