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Fujitsu Optimizes Long-term Data Retention on Tape

Fujitsu EMEIA

Brussels, January 28, 2016 With the introduction of the latest Linear Tape Open (LTO) generation for FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS LT tape systems, Fujitsu continues its pledge to radically simplify backup and archiving with business-centric solutions. The systems provide affordable, scalable and reliable long-term data retention on tape, for example in conjunction with the recently launched FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS CS200c S2 / CS800 S6 Data Protection ApplianceOpen a new window1. Comprising new LTO-7 tape drive technology, backup time is significantly reduced even at terabyte scales (2.7TB per hour per LTO-7 tape drive), and overall system capacity is increased by a factor of 2.4.2

The ETERNUS LT family provides hardware-based data encryption resulting in enhanced security and compliance. While all ETERNUS LT systems encrypt the backup data autonomously with hardware encryption through the LTO tape drive, the ETERNUS LT260 generates and manages data encryption keys within the library without the expense of using backup software or the need for an additional server.3 To fulfill extended compliance regulations, all the ETERNUS LT systems are also WORM-ready (Write Once, Read Many).4

The Fujitsu Storage ETERNUS LT tape systems with LTO-7 technology meet a wide range of demanding data storage requirements including long-term archiving, disaster recovery and enabling organizations of all sizes to manage the continued growth of unstructured and Big Data. ETERNUS LT systems are certified for market-leading backup and archiving software. Highly automated, simple and remote operation enables usage without local expert skills. The pay-as-you-grow concept means that customers avoid unnecessary initial investment and remain flexible.

Pricing and availability

The Fujitsu Storage ETERNUS LT tape systems with LTO-7 technology are globally available via Fujitsu and partners (see Pricing varies by region.

Notes to editors

1As an affordable backend tape storage and second-tier storage enhancement of the FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS CS Data Protection Appliances, ETERNUS LT tape storage systems can be attached to the ETERNUS CS with the following requirements:
  • ETERNUS CS200c with option: tape attachment
  • ETERNUS CS800 with Veritas OST interface
  • ETERNUS CS8000
2 Compared to the previous LTO generations
Example: Maximum compressed capacity of ETERNUS LT family
  LTO-6 LTO-7
ETERNUS LT20 S2 50 TB 120 TB
ETERNUS LT40 S2 150 TB 360 TB
ETERNUS LT60 S2 300 TB 720 TB
ETERNUS LT260 3.5 PB 8.4 PB
Using LTO-7 technology reduces the backup time to 79% resp. 47% compared? to using LTO-4 / LTO-6 tape technology
3 All ETERNUS LT systems encrypt the backup data autonomously with hardware encryption through the LTO tape drive providing enhanced security and compliance. Normally the backup software generates and manages the encryption keys for tape libraries, however this encryption key management option via the ETERNUS LT260 tape library sets a single ‘master key’ for each tape library. Once data is ordered for backup by the backup server, the tape library automatically creates an encryption key and provides it to the target tape cartridge. Master keys are provided to each logical library. Encrypted/unencrypted settings can be selected for each tape cartridge and each logical library via the central ETERNUS LT260 user interface. This feature requires a separate key management license for the ETERNUS LT260.
4 To fulfill extended compliance regulations when storing data to tape, a Write Once, Read Many (WORM) storage method may be used to store data in a non-erasable, non-rewritable format. This is intended to assist in supporting the long-term retention of data and to meet the requirements of many regulatory bodies worldwide. The LTO tape drives used in the ETERNUS LT family are WORM-ready. A specially formatted WORM tape cartridge is required.

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Date: 28 January, 2016
City: Brussels