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  • Fujitsu Global SELECT Innovation Award Celebrates how Fujitsu Channel Partners put Human Centric Innovation in Action Brussels, Europe, 18, November, 2015 - World population is growing at a rate of around 75 million per year, putting extreme pressure on global resources including food. This is one of six key megatrends that Fujitsu identifies as the global challenges that are shaping business and society. So it is fitting that the first winner of the new SELECT Global Innovation Award is making effective use of Fujitsu technology to optimize food production.

  • Fujitsu MetaArc Enables Customers to Digitalize with Confidence Brussels, Europe, 17, November, 2015 - With the global introduction today of its Digital Business Platform MetaArc, Fujitsu outlines its vision for enabling customers to digitalize their business with confidence. MetaArc provides the enabling platform to allow customers to take advantage of key digital capabilities such as Big Data, enterprise mobility and the Internet of Things (IoT) on a global basis.

  • Fujitsu Forum Showcases Human Centric Innovation as Business Growth Enabler for the Digitally Balanced Enterprise Brussels, Europe, 17, November, 2015 - At Fujitsu Forum Munich 2015, Europe’s largest single-vendor technology event, Fujitsu showcases how Human Centric Innovation is enabling thousands of customers around the globe to achieve their goals and transform their businesses for sustainable success. In keynotes, breakout sessions and on the exhibition floor, Fujitsu shares insights on how ‘digitally-balanced enterprises’ are best placed to realize the value of networks that allow us to connect with data and, in turn, derive insight, ideas and digital innovation from them.

  • Innovative Service Delivery van Fujitsu maakt transformatie digitale werkplek bij Schneider Electric mogelijk Brussels, Europe, 17, November, 2015 - Fujitsu maakte vandaag op het Fujitsu Forum Europe bekend dat Schneider Electric, de wereldwijd actieve specialist in energiebeheer en automatisering, de onderneming heeft geselecteerd om oplossingen te bieden om op lange termijn zijn werkplekken en plaatselijke diensten in meer dan 80 landen in Europa, het Midden-Oosten, Afrika en Zuid-Amerika compleet te transformeren. Fujitsu ondersteunt Schneider Electric hierbij door innovatieve werkplekdiensten aan te bieden.

  • Scheider Electric transforme son environnement de travail informatique grâce aux services innovants de Fujitsu Brussels, Europe, 17, November, 2015 - À l’occasion de son Forum européen, Fujitsu annonçait aujourd’hui avoir été choisie par Schneider Electric, le spécialiste mondial de la gestion énergétique et de l’automatisation, pour un projet à long terme visant à assurer la transformation complète de ses postes de travail et de ses services sur site dans plus de 80 pays d’Europe, du Moyen-Orient, d’Afrique et d’Amérique du Sud. L’entreprise apportera dès lors son soutien à Schneider Electric en lui fournissant des services innovants liés à son environnement de travail informatique.

  • Fujitsu introduces 2 in 1 Device that Evolves with the Workplace Brussels, Europe, 17, November, 2015 - With the introduction of the FUJITSU Tablet STYLISTIC R726, its new top-of-the-range 2 in 1 STYLISTIC tablet, Fujitsu today settles the argument about whether enterprise users are more productive with a traditional notebook or a tablet – by delivering a device that does both, superbly. Setting a new pinnacle for the extensive range of FUJITSU Tablet STYLISTIC models, the STYLISTIC R726 empowers users to transform the way they work to meet their individual style and needs – with and without a keyboard, in a powerful yet compact touch device.

  • Fujitsu Acquires UShareSoft to Bolster its Cloud Business Brussels, Global, 17, November, 2015 - Fujitsu Limited today announced that it has reached an agreement with French software company UShareSoft, SAS to acquire all of UShareSoft's shares, with the two companies having signed a contract to that effect on October 30, 2015.

  • Fujitsu Launches Global "Transformational Application Managed Services" Brussels, Global, 16, November, 2015 - Fujitsu today announced the global launch of FUJITSU Transformational Application Managed Services, strengthening management and maintenance service for applications. The service is scheduled to be rolled out to Europe, the US, Oceania, and Asia, including Japan, during fiscal 2016.

  • Fujitsu Delivers Business-Centric Computing Solutions for Point of Sale, Medical Practices, and Small Data Centers Brussels, Europe, 11, November, 2015 - Fujitsu delivers Business-Centric Data Center solutions that address business needs faced every day by big data centers but also by millions of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and branch offices worldwide. Three refreshed members of the FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY family of industry-standard systems are part of a complementary ICT architecture that SMEs can use to run their business – whether in the data center, back office of a busy medical practice, or in the showroom. New DDR4 memory technology enables even more computing power and reduced energy consumption.

  • Fujitsu TRIOLE for ServiceNow Improves End User Satisfaction and Cuts Service Desk Calls Brussels, Europe, 10, November, 2015 - Fujitsu today introduces TRIOLE for ServiceNow, a powerful new cloud-based enterprise service management toolset designed to enable organizations to achieve the double objectives of increasing the efficiency of their ICT support functions while also increasing end user satisfaction with the quality of IT support services provided.

  • Fujitsu Makes Evaluating Software-Defined Storage Simple and Affordable Brussels, Europe, 10, November, 2015 - Fujitsu today introduces FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS CD10000 Quick Start Edition, a unique solution that gives service providers, telecommunications companies, and software developers – among many others – a fast, simple and affordable route to implementing Ceph storage in customer environments. Ceph is now the most popular open source storage platform and software-defined storage (SDS) has become the holy grail in managing sky-rocketing data volumes. However, until now it has required significant investment in expensive hardware, skill development, and eliminating risk – before even knowing if it will be sufficient for the required deployment.

  • Fujitsu Radically Simplifies Backup and Archive Solutions Brussels, Europe, 05, November, 2015 - Fujitsu today radically simplifies backup and archive solutions for companies of all sizes with the introduction of the new generation of FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS CS appliances. Time and hassle are saved by using a ready-to-use appliance, reducing both overall costs and reliance on internal resources, not to mention mitigating the risks associated with missed backups, failure to restart after a disaster, or corruption of sensitive data due to inexpert handling.

  • Fujitsu Protects Identity, Accounts and Sensitive Documents with FUJITSU PalmSecure truedentity Brussels, Europe, 04, November, 2015 - Fujitsu is combining its innovative biometric authentication technology, FUJITSU PalmSecure, with OpenLimit’s truedentity solution to protect identity and sensitive data during virtual or physical transactions such as online payment. The design of FUJITSU PalmSecure truedentity is based on a new electronic identity card (eID) technology. It meets even the stringent security guidelines such as those of German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) and helps enterprises to anticipate new European Community regulations.

  • Fujitsu Leads Industry with New Small Form Factor and Long Lifecycle Workstations Brussels, Europe, 03, November, 2015 - Fujitsu today announces its most comprehensive workstation portfolio. With the introduction of two new models - CELSIUS W and CELSIUS J - to the workstation line-up, Fujitsu is addressing customer demands for smaller, yet more powerful workstations and a minimum lifecycle of 36 months, while at the same time achieving maximum performance scores and low noise emissions.



  • Fujitsu Again Recognized As A Leader in 2015 Magic Quadrant for Data Center Outsourcing and Infrastructure Utility Services, Asia/Pacific Brussels, Europe, 30, September, 2015 - Fujitsu is recognized as a leader in the Magic Quadrant for Data Center Outsourcing (DCO) and Infrastructure Utility Services (IUS), Asia/Pacific for the third successive year, according to Gartner research published on September 9, 2015.

  • Fujitsu Refreshes Mobile and Desktop Portfolio for the Enterprise Brussels, Europe, 29, September, 2015 - Fujitsu today shows that good things come in small packages, with the introduction of new and refreshed models to its enterprise desktop and mobile portfolio.

  • Fujitsu Enables CIOs to Master Hybrid IT Brussels, Europe, 24, September, 2015 - Fujitsu is placing a strategic focus on enabling CIOs to master increasingly Hybrid IT landscapes – helping them get the balance right between leveraging powerful, cloud-based innovation while robustly managing risks, costs and benefits.

  • FUJITSU Market Place Offers a ‘Fascinating Vision’ for Omni-channel Retail Architecture Integration and Interoperability Brussels, Europe, 23, September, 2015 - Fujitsu today announces that it has been recognized in the Leaders category of The Forrester Wave: Point of Service, Q3 20151, recently published by global research and advisory firm, Forrester Research, Inc. Subtitled ‘The 10 Providers that Matter Most and How they Stack Up’ the report states that architecture and interoperability are key differentiators in the Point of Service (POS) markets, and commented on Fujitsu:

  • Fujitsu asks How Omni-channel Ready are Europe’s Retailers Brussels, Europe, 17, September, 2015 - New industry research released today by PAC shows that customer expectations are driving the widespread adoption of omni-channel retail which – when done right – will give shoppers the flexibility they demand to collect product information, check availability, make purchases, and arrange collection or delivery using the most convenient mix of in-store, online/web shop, mobile, catalogue or social media.

  • Fujitsu Delivers Data Protection Appliance for Hybrid Brussels, Europe, 07, September, 2015 - Fujitsu today introduces the new FUJITSU Cloud Backup as a Service (BaaS) Rapid Recovery Appliance, which enhances the globally available FUJITSU Cloud Backup as a Service solution to deliver faster, more resilient and more robust security features.

  • Fujitsu helps Mid-Market and Major Enterprises to Reduce Backup and Archiving Costs Brussels, Europe, 01, September, 2015 - Fujitsu today announces further technology enhancements that underline why many customers consider the FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS CS8000 appliance to be the first choice for data backup, archiving and consolidation of data protection environments.



  • Fujitsu PRIMERGY Server Liquid Cooling Halves Cooling Costs Brussels, Europe, 23, July, 2015 - Fujitsu today extends its high-performing, reliable and energy-efficient server solutions for large scale-out environments including High Performance Computing (HPC), with the introduction of the award-winning1 Cool-Central Liquid Cooling Solution that reduces cooling costs by up to 50 percent. In a world of rising energy costs and higher rack densities, Fujitsu’s new solution enables data center managers to minimize their power bills, not to mention better comply with stringent requirements or observe guidelines on energy efficiency. The typical data center today uses up to 40 percent of its power for cooling, and reducing power consumption is essential to achieving lower data center operating costs.

  • Fujitsu Makes HPC More Accessible to Customers with Innovative HPC Gateway Web software Brussels, Europe, 23, July, 2015 - Fujitsu today announces a breakthrough in making High Performance Computing (HPC) more accessible to a wider customer base. A series of innovations include an online demonstration center that allows customers to experience the power of HPC, using their own data.

  • Fujitsu Extends 2 in 1 Tablet Line-up with 11.6-inch STYLISTIC Q665 with All-Encompassing Performance and Mobility Brussels, Europe, 17, July, 2015 - Fujitsu is further expanding its line-up in the fast-growing 2 in 1 tablet segment, with a new Intel® Core™ M based STYLISTIC Q tablet. The new 11.6-inch (29.5 cm) FUJITSU Tablet STYLISTIC Q665 is based on a fanless, thin and light design and is targeted at users who are looking for a balance of performance and mobility in a 2 in 1 device.

  • New SELECT Global Innovation Award Celebrates how Fujitsu Channel Partners put Human Centric Innovation in Action Brussels, Europe, 14, July, 2015 - Fujitsu today launches the new SELECT Global Innovation Award, created to recognize channel partners’ exceptional role in helping to put Human Centric Innovation in Action on behalf of customer organizations around the world.

  • Petabyte-scale ETERNUS LT260 Tape Library Combines Exceptionally High Data Capacity with Performance and Security Brussels, Europe, 09, July, 2015 - Fujitsu today extends by a further 350 percent the capacity of its petabyte-scale expandable edition of the ETERNUS LT tape library, and adds additional security enhancements. First launched in November 2014, the FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS LT260 combines the flexible scalability and excellent automated and remote management capabilities that mid-sized companies and large data centers need for highly efficient handling of fast-growing backup and archive volumes. This also makes it the first choice as a storage backend solution to Fujitsu’s ETERNUS CS8000 Unified Data Protection Appliance.

  • Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX Integrated Systems Help Mid-market Businesses Improve Microsoft-based Communication and Collaboration Environments Brussels, Europe, 07, July, 2015 - Fujitsu is enabling mid-market businesses to modernize their infrastructure and take advantage of the latest Microsoft-based communication and collaboration technologies with a set of new dedicated solutions to join the PRIMEFLEX line-up of Integrated Systems.

  • Fujitsu Completes PRIMEFLEX Line-up of Integrated Systems Brussels, Europe, 07, July, 2015 - Fujitsu today marks the completion of the rollout1 of its PRIMEFLEX portfolio, putting the company clearly in the vanguard in combining intellectual property, expertise and global technology partnerships to deliver Integrated Systems that are purpose-designed for specific data center tasks. With its comprehensive PRIMEFLEX line-up of Integrated Systems, Fujitsu is empowering organizations to accelerate digital transformation of their businesses, eliminate complexity and reduce risk.



  • Fujitsu Drops New Fully Ruggedized Industrial Business Tablet Brussels, Belgium, 02, March, 2015 - At Mobile World Congress, Fujitsu today unveils a no-nonsense, fully ruggedized industrial business tablet, the FUJITSU Tablet STYLISTIC V535. Designed to roll with the punches and soak up the knocks and scrapes of use in environments that would normally overcome consumer-grade tablets, the STYLISTIC V535 stands up to liquids, dust, bumps, and even to being dropped from a height of up to 1.8 meters.


  • Fujitsu at Mobile World Congress: Human Centric Innovation Brussels, Belgium, 26, February, 2015 - At Mobile World Congress starting March 2, 2015, Fujitsu’s theme is Human Centric Innovation. The Fujitsu booth (Hall 5, booth A40) showcases this across one of the industry’s broadest ranges of solutions, including some of the hottest new concepts that are currently under development in Fujitsu Laboratories. Visitors to Fujitsu at MWC can expect products, services and solutions – themed to the topics of Mobility, Big Data and Human Centric Innovation that bring together the three dimensions of people, information and infrastructure.

  • FUJITSU Market Place Mobile Delivers Omni-Channel Selling Functionality on Platform-Independent Mobile Devices Brussels, Belgium, 24, February, 2015 - Fujitsu today delivers on its new Connected Retail strategy in enabling major international retailers and their customers to go mobile with a range of omni-channel services for the modern retail environment. By extending its revolutionary FUJITSU Market Place omni-channel Point of Service (PoS) application to mobile,