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RAF: SAPPHIRE Oracle performance and risk management tool

RAF Air Command

performance and risk management solutions

Photograph of military personnel using a computer
After conducting a requirements capture and analysis exercise at the RAF Headquarters at the former Strike Command, Fujitsu developed and delivered a new, bespoke Performance and Risk Management System, named ‘SAPPHIRE', with balanced scorecard capabilities. 

The acronym ‘SAPPHIRE' stands for Strike Applications Project Promoting High level Information Reporting and Evaluation. Whilst Strike Command has since transformed to become AIR Command, SAPPHIRE is in use across the whole of the RAF, providing a single performance and risk management tool.

SAPPHIRE is based on Oracle database technology, sitting on the MoD's existing communications infrastructure with (Trusted) access available to users not yet on DII. SAPPHIRE can take information from any other ODBC-compliant database and provide outputs in a variety of formats as defined (and thus easily understood) by the user as appropriate to their own organisation or unit's needs.