With GLOVIA OM we are saving time in processing orders. Our customers are updated more often, which keeps them happy to know when to expect shipments.

Representative, US-based tire manufacturer
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US-based tire manufacturer

Turbocharging Sales Ops via automation


This US-based tire manufacturer has built a strong reputation on industry-leading fill rates and dedicated customer service personnel.


The US-based tire manufacturer used manual processes, legacy tools, and Excel spreadsheets to manage crucial tasks, which were time-consuming and prone to human error. The company wanted to automate processes to boost efficiency, productivity, and visibility.




  • 20% faster customer fulfillment through more efficient inventory management
  • Eliminated time-consuming manual tasks and boosted productivity
  • Real-time visibility of orders, allocations, and shipments via the online portal
  • Scaled the solution affordably to accommodate growth

Download Full Case Study PDF

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