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SNCF (Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer français): Point of Sale Ticketing Solution, Managed Mobile Service, Service Desk and Hardware Support

"A global service contract for a high level of satisfaction. High availability of the distribution tools"

Jean Vinson, Tools of Distribution Manager, Sales Management France, SNCF Voyages

The customer

SNCF (Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer) is a French National Railway Company which was formed in 1937 by the merging of the regional networks. Today SNCF is an EPIC (Public Establishment for Industrial and Commercial).

SNCF group has 250,000 collaborators (22% of whom are women) and 150,000 employees for the EPIC of SNCF. The group is oriented toward public service, offers a full range of solutions through its five divisions: l’Infra, Proximités, Voyages, Géodis and Gares et Connexions.

Today, SNCF represents 30,000 km of lines, of which half are electrified; 1,900 km of high-speed lines are dedicated to the TGV and 3,000 stations. The daily traffic for SNCF is around: 643 TGV trains, 296 Corail trains Intercity, 6,000 Transiliens in the Ile-de-France region (Paris Suburbs), 5,700 TER (Regional trains), 1,227 freight trains and approximately 10 million travelers.

The company’s headquarter is located in Paris Montparnasse. In the past, SNCF not only had trains but railways as well. However, since 1997, rail infrastructures have been owned by RFF (Réseau Ferré de France). This change was instigated with the intention to open up the market to independent railway companies but in reality very few are still operating.

The relationship with Fujitsu

In January 2011, SNCF signed a service contract worth €40million ensuring the availability of the tools of distribution and validation of tickets. The four year contract (with an option year) was won by a consortium launched and managed by Fujitsu Technology Solutions. It includes partners such as IER and Parkeon and covers approximately 12,000 facilities. This four year contract strengthens the relationship between SNCF and Fujitsu, which began in 1990 with the maintenance of the point of sales terminals.

SNCF is very satisfied with the service provided by Fujitsu. This collaboration takes place in a climate of mutual trust. SNCF knows that with Fujitsu, the availability of its fleet of distribution tools is guaranteed. The organization set up by Fujitsu is remarkable; it allows maintainers to work on material distributed throughout the territory in a short time
Jean Vinson, Sales Management France SNCF Voyages

Customer Benefit

  • Relationship of trust and partnership
  • Globalization and optimization of costs and services
  • A qualitative and economic offer
  • Enhanced cooperation between SNCF and Fujitsu relationship which began in 1990
  • A real time monitoring for the resolution of problems
  • Visibility and behavior on its IT installed base
  • Mobility of its controls
  • Rate of satisfaction higher than 8 out of 10
  • A value added accompaniment

Products and services

  • MCO (Operational maintenance) of all sales equipment in station
  • The maintenance of servers
  • Comprehensive and integrated solution for the Service Desk, (600,000 calls / year)
  • Supply of computer hardware : Desktop, laptops, servers, storage solutions and security
  • Various extensions necessary to the environment of sales tools

The Solution

Fujitsu works in a number solution streams with SNCF, and these have been described below:

IT Council

Council for the implementation of various solutions tickets as well as the IT infrastructure in general.

Application Solution

Fujitsu designed and implemented a support center (Service Desk) for the SNCF. Today, AVANCIAL, a subsidiary of the SNCF, manages all requests relating to point of sale and ticket. The solution is based on ARS (Action Request System) from BMC Software (formerly Remedy), and even if these solutions are fully operational, Fujitsu continues to provide ad-hoc updates and more developments such as new features, Internet access, etc. This tool is connected to the Service Desk at Fujitsu where creations call Dispatch and fences are made automatically. Fujitsu offers its customers an access to « Web Wheel ». This application allows customers to view real-time call progress and follow up on issues that were addressed to Fujitsu.

IT Infrastructure Solutions

Fujitsu has provided, configured and implemented an audit solution of vulnerability (from NetlQ), which allows the station through its subsidiary AVANCIAL to identify and manage all types of breakdowns, lack of consistency and / or risks on all critical servers. About 400 different applications and servers are managed, including databases, Windows servers & UNIX servers and mainframes.


Between 2000 and 2002, Fujitsu has delivered 5,500 PC Compaq / HP. In 2004, we provided approximately 1,200 Fujitsu Pocket Loox 610 for the first phase of tests for all controllers in the region Île de France. In 2005, we provided about 11,000 portable printers that were used on trains across the network. Moreover Fujitsu provided extensions such as RAM. Between September 2008 and June 2009, the station has replaced all of its computers in retail outlets by Fujitsu products, which represents a total of 5,200 units for more than over 2,000 outlets.

Workstation & Mobile Managed Services

Fujitsu provides management and maintenance of all equipment outlets: automated ticketing, PCs, servers, composters, which represent more than 12,000 calls per year. All engineers are equipped with PDAs (Personal Digital Assistant) with Internet access and receive their calls directly. Once the work is completed, engineers can close the file directly from the Service Desk of SNCF wherever they are.

Hardware Support

Since 2005, Fujitsu as a consortium is responsible for the maintenance of approximately 12,000 units over 2,000 websites (all related to the distribution and management of tickets at stations and outlets). Fujitsu provides on-site support, as well as maintenance services primarily for ticket sales, distributors and composters.

About Fujitsu

Fujitsu is the leading Japanese information and communication technology (ICT) company offering a full range of technology products, solutions and services. Over 170,000 Fujitsu people support customers in more than 100 countries. We use our experience and the power of ICT to shape the future of society with our customers. For more information, please see


Download the SNCF case study (221 KB/A4, 2 pages)