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Trade-In Program

Fujitsu maintains a flexible program for the take-back or exchange of equipment in more than 27 markets across Europe. In markets without EU legislation, Fujitsu is voluntarily planning to action environmentally sound procedures to take-back and recycle its own products. Fujitsu is also responsible for sales in regions outside Europe, in Middle East, Africa and India, and the company is initiating its own take-back and recycling schemes. An initiative in South Africa has started taking-back any electronic device.

Fujitsu will buy-back or provide trade-ins on most of its IT products, with no limit on the amount of equipment involved. The company maintains a flexible program whereby a customer can opt for a cash exchange based on the fair market value of the equipment, or can choose a product or service exchange. Exchanges can be like-for-like, or products can be traded for something different. For example, older desktop PCs can be exchanged for new servers or storage systems. Furthermore, customers can trade in equipment against warranty upgrades, product training or other professional services. This flexible policy provides a choice for Fujitsu customers whose IT budgets are under pressure or have been exhausted.

Fujitsu is a leading participant in take-back associations across Europe. It is an active member of the Elektro-Altgeräte Register in Germany and also one of the first to implement the ElektroG Garantiesystem Altgeräte (GSA) in Germany, which mandates the “eradication of dumping of orphan waste”. In compliance with the GSA, Fujitsu provides an insolvency-proof guarantee for financing the collection and disposal of electrical and electronic equipment used in private households.


Fujitsu Remarketing will trade-in older equipment at an agreed fair market value and collect the equipment free of charge. Customers must only prepare their equipment for collection from a loading bay, and ensure that it is ready for secure transit (packed and palletised).

Terms and Conditions

Equipment will be collected from a single, pre-agreed site and on a one-time basis. The collection from multiple events or locations, and any requirement to package and palletize the equipment will incur charges. Fujitsu will audit all equipment purchased through the trade-in scheme for compliance against specification and condition. Any shortfalls in quality and quantity will be noted and set against the purchase price. Trade-ins can also be handled in conjunction with waste materials that require WEEE-compliant disposal. Any positive values from saleable equipment can offset the costs for disposal of waste products.

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