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At Fujitsu, we know that delivering dynamic solutions can only be achieved through a flexible, and respectful, approach to work. If you want to work In the way that suits you and our customers best, come and find your future at Fujitsu.

Flexible working At Fujitsu Belgium

We find flexibility in working very important and you can beneficiate from this context:

  • Flexible hours to accommodate work/life balance: business hours between 9:30-11:30 and 14:00-16:00.
  • Advantageous teleworking policy up to 60% of working time that can be spread on the week to allow maximum convenience.
  • Taking parental leave and emptying your holiday counter yearly is respected and encouraged.
Fujitsu and well-being
Fujitsu and well-being

Fujitsu and well-being

Fujitsu has an eye for the well-being of its employees and supports this through the following initiatives:

  • Multiple events organized during the year (family day, Sinterklaas, Wellbeing week, food truck).
  • Bicycle plan – take a lease for an electric bike via Fujitsu’s cafeteria plan.
  • Access to a group insurance covering fatality, disability and pension and a complementary health insurance (hospitalization and outpatient).

Financial advantages

In addition to a good salary, Fujitsu Belgium also offers the following financial benefits:

  • A lease company car with Benelux fuel card.
  • Meal vouchers, eco-vouchers and net allowance to compensate for internet at home.
  • A voucher to buy your own mobile phone and an attractive phone bundle with 25G of data.
  • Refer a Friend - Suggest someone to recruit for a position within Fujitsu, and be eligible for a referral

Financial advantages
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