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At Fujitsu, we change the way the world looks - by working together to achieve the extraordinary. And in these uncertain times, we still find creative ways to work as a team and deliver outstanding results for all. If you want to work alongside people with different ideas, in an inclusive business, that will welcome you and support you, come and co-create the future at Fujitsu.

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion

Be Completely You. We strive to be a responsible business that reflects the diversity of our world, and build an inclusive culture within Fujitsu where everyone can be completely themselves. We celebrate difference and ensure that people can succeed regardless of their personal identity (especially their gender) sexual orientation, gender identity, race, ethnicity, health, disability, age and more.

Our Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

By setting a clear D&I strategy, based on our corporate value; “We value our employees, who respect diversity and support individual growth” we have developed an overview what acts as a guideline, helping further advance our effort towards D&I within our culture. We believe that D&I goes even further then the above-mentioned factors nowadays and we commit to include this in our culture.

Purple Lightup Fujitsu Belgium

Purple Lightup Fujitsu Belgium

International Womensday Belgium

International Womensday Belgium

Pieter Wuytens

Current Position: Head of delivery CTO and architects

Location: Anderlecht (Belgium)

When you started work at Fujitsu?: 08/2008

What is the number one reason that keeps you coming to work every day?

  • I work with an exceptional team, where everybody loves to work together. When a lot of team members are in the office it is always fun.
  • Every day has new challenges. As team manager, I am working with all kinds of different people. Moreover, as a cto I still face technical challenges at different customers. This is a perfect mix to keep me going each day.

What makes Fujitsu unique to work for?
Fujitsu gives you all the opportunities you need in a career. In the 12 years I work for fujitsu I have grown from helpdesk -> consultant -> senior consultant -> cto -> manager of the cto and architect office.

The flexibility fujitsu offers to combine work and private life is incredible. We can all manager our time as long as the job is done. This is flexibility form both sides.

As most of the people stay at fujitsu for more than 10 years, it means fujitsu is a very good company to work for.

Off course the salary package fujitsu has to offer is also important and it includes all you need.

  • Company car
  • Meal vouchers
  • Internet
  • gsm
  • laptop
  • health insurance
  • retirement saving
  • flexible income plan
  • bonus
Nordin Tassi

Current Position: Senior IT Consultant

Location: Belgium

When you started work at Fujitsu: 2013

What is the number one reason that keeps you coming to work every day?
Every day is another day! The routine is never in place and I enjoy working on new challenges.

The social interaction is important for me and Fujitsu is really taking care of people and the atmosphere at the office. Fujitsu has fully integrated the diversity and it is not only a “word”, you can see it every day when interacting with colleagues. In addition, many events (FUN team) enforces the social interaction.

Why did you choose Fujitsu?
After almost 17 years with my previous employer, I decide to join Fujitsu because I had the feeling at that time we could have an impact on the company and not only being an ID number. After 6 years at Fujitsu, my feeling has been confirmed and I have the impress that my actions are taken into account.

Tell us about your career journey within Fujitsu.
I started as IT administrator, resident at a customer site, and then I started to work as IT consultant and working on different customer projects. That provided me the possibility to work with different colleagues, Fujitsu remote colleagues, partners and customers.

Sonja Roelandts

Current Position: Finance Business Partner Delivery Western Europe

Location: Belgium

When you started work at Fujitsu: January 2000

What is the number one reason that keeps you coming to work every day?
I love my job and the people I work with.

Why did you choose Fujitsu?
When I started in Fujitsu Siemens in 2000 the company was not comparable to the company we know now. I chose Fujitsu Siemens for the stable organization and the structure. I stayed for the values and the human centric philosophy of Fujitsu today.

Tell us about your career journey within Fujitsu.
I started in the finance department as sales operations, handling orders mainly for the channel division. After a 1-year break, it was time for a change and I got the opportunity to work as controller for the service department. This gave a real boost to my career. As services were growing rapidly, I could also extend my knowledge and responsibilities. For some years, I managed the team of account controllers and was business partner for the Services department. After a 3-month assignment in Turkey to support the local finance team, I joined the Western Europe team as controller and business partner for the services department in its various forms. I enjoy working in this international environment and the interaction with the different countries and central teams.

What makes Fujitsu unique to work for?
Fujitsu is a big company and at the same time very human. We have a lot of flexibility and opportunities to work on diverse projects. When you express the willingness to grow, develop, and show interest in activities outside your own domain or role, the possibilities are “infinite”.

Ronald Ferguson

Current Position: SOAR Lead Platform Integrator

Location: Presales Solution Architect

When you started work at Fujitsu: Anderlecht, Belgium

What is the number one reason that keeps you coming to work every day?
My Colleagues, everyone is willing to help

Why did you choose Fujitsu?

  • When I set down with the Management, I had the feeling that they really were not only interested in what can bring to the company, but also who I was.
  • Another reason the colleagues I met while waiting for interview, very friendly and welcoming. That continued even after joining , willing to go the extra mile to help
  • Open to provide continued training
  • Open for ideas and debates

Tell us about your career journey within Fujitsu.
Since I arrived in Fujitsu, I must say I have continued to learn even after being in the tech world for many years. I have met great and talented colleagues, and I have already had the opportunity to participate in many new Sales Opportunities. The envirnoment /atmosphere is very inviting, I really feel like I am working within a Fujitsu Team! I enjoy the flexibility I have in managing my working hours and work life balance at Fujitsu is very good!

What makes Fujitsu unique to work for?
You don’t only feel like a Team member but also feel like a part of a Fujitsu family.

Didier Pierco

Current Position: Senior Network Consultant

Location: Anderlecht, Belgium

When you started work at Fujitsu: October 2014

What is the number one reason that keeps you coming to work every day?

Fujitsu atmosphere is a special feeling!

Working in a great team and delivering highly professional solutions in a fast moving IT-world, the newest technologies, “nothing is impossible” mentality combined with a lot of flexibility and responsibility, in a familiar atmosphere.

Why did you choose Fujitsu?

After 14 years at a Belgian ISP, it was time for me to move on. After the first interview at Fujitsu, I already felt it, this will be my next move!

The “click” I felt after this interview made me decide to go for it. No regrets of this step, on the contrary, regrets that I have not taken this step earlier.

It was clear this was going to be a challenge, as I was the first network consultant for Fujitsu Belgium, but at no single moment I felt abandoned or left on my own.

Working close together in team, working with International teams all over the globe, deciding on what way to go forward, all here at Fujitsu.

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