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Advanced Telematics Service

Accurate prediction of traffic congestion and ability to search various alternative routes, by combining data from real-time vehicle location, taxi-probe and nation-wide traffic monitoring sensors.

SPATIOWL provides an advanced and competitive telematics service solution including features such as multiple route search options, and more accurate traffic congestion prediction for automotive manufacturers or telematics service providers (and all vehicles drivers in the end) by combining various vehicle probe data including taxi* and VICS** (nation-wide-traffic-monitoring-sensor in Japan) over its service platform.

Telematics Diagram

*Taxi probe:
Fujitsu has a solid experience in managing real-time commercial vehicle data, called taxi probe as roadside traffic monitoring sensors, which has been collecting taxi operational data (e.g., location, speed, accelerations, sudden braking) from about 8,000 taxis running over major cities in Japan.

The road traffic information (VICS) is edited and processed in VICS center; it is transmitted to each car navigation equipment via ''beacons' or ''FM multiplex broadcasting' devices which are installed on various roads across Japan.