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Enterprise Content Management

In today's business environment, organisations are challenged not just to manage vast stores of digital information, but also increasingly to use that information to achieve the maximum competitive advantage in the marketplace.

These challenges are particularly acute when dealing with a range of unstructured and semi-structured content, such as office documents, images, audio, video and Web sites.

Content Management solutions have become the key strategic technology for information intensive businesses. Moving an organisation from a department, process-based information provider to a global digital entity requires envisioning a knowledge-based organisation with collaboration capabilities, appropriate enabling technologies and an appropriate change-management strategy to transform an organisation.

Content Management brings together a company's information assets in an organised way for the entire corporation to leverage in meeting customer and business goals.

Content management across the enterprise

Content Management across an enterprise is made up of several components encompassing:

  • Document Management, which manages the creation and flow of documents through the enterprise
  • Web Content Management, focusing on the creation and publishing of content on the Web
  • Digital Asset Management, for creation, cataloguing and securing multimedia content, such as streaming video, images, or audio files
  • Records Management, in managing records to meet operational business needs, accountability and community expectations
  • Collaborative Content Management, to bring together people and information in a collaborative environment through real time conferencing, messaging and team rooms
  • Enterprise Information Portals, for facilitating delivery and presentation of content to customers, suppliers and employees based on their roles.

The Fujitsu approach

At Fujitsu we work with our clients in implementation of solutions in areas such as Document Management, Web Content Management, Records Management, Collaboration, Enterprise Information Portals or to address and implement the enterprise wide Content Management Strategy. Key to the success of our approach is ensuring that recommended solutions provide benefits and outcomes (through our Benefits Realisation Approach) that enable:

  • Transformation of data into information
  • Increased work efficiencies
  • Reduction of operational costs
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Reduce time to market Increase revenue
  • Improved customer satisfaction.

Fujitsu Services in Content Management include:

  • Awareness and Assessment - short study of application, function or process to evaluate potential areas of improvement
  • Content Management Solution Design - design of full solution including recommended tools, benefits and implementation
  • Proof of Concept - delivery defined proof of concept, tied to creating sustainable business value
  • Enterprise Integration and Implementation - roll out of the Content Management solution across the organisation.
  • Managed Services - Ongoing support and enhancement of the Content Management solution.

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