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The multi-cloud landscape is complex and hard to navigate the multiple vendors, constantly evolving technology and services. Ensuring that your business strategy and objectives are being served by you cloud solution needs constant attention.  

Fujitsu provides a range of advisory services to assist your journey through the multi-cloud landscape. From your first tentative steps into cloud through to optimising a mature cloud portfolio, Fujitsu’s advisory services will ensure your multi-cloud solution is delivering results.

Adopted the Cloud?
Assess what steps you need to take next.

2020 data shows business transformation has leapt
forward 5 years. Unfortunately, this haste can surface
new and previously undetected issues.

Thankfully, when you work with us, you gain access to a
team of cloud experts – to ensure the continuation of
your early cloud success.

What gives your cloud adoption the best chance of
success? What’s the perfect mix of strategy, culture and
security? What about your service model? How large is
your appetite for transformation?

Our Cloud Adoption Assessment will tell you in a few clicks.

Cloud Adoption Accelerator

Taking the first step in adopting cloud technology can be daunting because of the implications on your business, service and technical teams. Even if your organisation is using some cloud services, Fujitsu’s Cloud Adoption Accelerator puts your organisation on a path to cloud success by developing an actionable plan to ready your organisation for public cloud.

The Fujitsu cloud advisory team will conduct a single day workshop with your organisation’s business and technical leaders to develop a common view of your organisation’s cloud adoption challenges and importantly, we will collaboratively create an action plan with you to address them.


Cloud Economics Accelerator

Building a business case to migrate to cloud can be a daunting experience, even for the most experienced business  and IT teams. To fast track your cloud migration business case, the Fujitsu Cloud Economics Accelerator brings an experienced Fujitsu cloud team and proven methodology to rapidly create your cloud business case. The Fujitsu Cloud Economics Accelerator will enable your team to build an achievable financial model that will deliver real benefits to your organisation’s bottom line and will provide support for your strategic revenue gains.

Cloud Optimise Assessment

Businesses have been able to unlock significant financial benefits in shifting to the use of cloud technology. To continue to deliver those financial benefits your organisation needs to implement strong and continuing cloud financial optimisation. Fujitsu’s Cloud Optimise Assessment has been proven to save organisations up to 40% of their cloud spend. The Cloud Optimise Assessment reviews your current cloud usage and provides recommendations to optimise and further reduce your cloud costs, your cloud architecture and your cloud security posture .


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I help my organisation adopt public cloud?
Fujitsu offers our Cloud Adoption Accelerator that builds an action plan to adopting public cloud platforms whilst identifying and addressing the issues blocking adopting public cloud.

What will be the true cost of using public cloud?
Let our Fujitsu consultants work with your organisation to build a detailed financial model for cloud adoption. We help you explore the financial benefits and opportunities that public cloud technology can offer with our Cloud Economics Accelerator.

Am I getting the best value for money from my public cloud?
In a 2019 study, most public cloud customers had a measured waste of 35%. The Fujitsu Cloud Optimise Assessment offering lets you rapidly assess your public cloud and identify the potential savings by using the right services from your cloud provider.

How can I migrate my private VMWare cloud to a public cloud platform?
With the new VMWare on AWS service, you can now migrate your VMWare virtual machines into the cloud without a costly migration process.

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Nick Herbert – Head of Portfolio, Applications & Multi-Cloud

“Ultimately, cloud is an enabler. The technology brings true transformation value when combined with other applications, data and customer experience. It has never been more exciting to collaborate with our customers and partners to continually drive strategic enterprise-wide business transformations and innovate at a velocity higher than ever before.”

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