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Fujitsu Cloud Management Service

Fujitsu’s Cloud Management Service powers your cloud strategy and vision. It reduces the complexity of managing your cloud services and helps provide great experiences to your customers. Our service provides end-to-end management of your cloud environment, leveraging cloud native capabilities, best practices, and high levels of automation to deliver an exceptional customer experience. The service encompasses the leading hyperscale platforms, giving the flexibility enterprises need to complement on-premises capabilities with an array of options in the cloud.

Our experts are committed to offering you an agile, proactive and reliable service, by combining automation, unmatched expertise, and leading-edge technologies to help you control costs, free people to do higher-value tasks, and ensure both compliance and security.

Watch our short video and learn how you can be free to be creative, innovative, and make the most of modern cloud platforms and technologies.

Leadership Perspectives

Leadership perspectives: Why a razor focus on cloud service management is key.

Prof Sally Eaves, CEO Tomorrow’s Tech Today, is clear about the key to a successful transformation: Take the best cloud services from suppliers around the globe that underpin your DX strategy and manage them thoroughly. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to cloud. It all depends on your transformation goals. The best cloud is put together and then managed with razor-like focus on aligning each technology to specific outcomes. That’s the best way to achieve the business value you want and need.

Read Sally’s perspective and down-to-earth advice on how to do just that.

How can Fujitsu’s Cloud Management Service power your cloud management capabilities?

Application modernization


No more manual management. Fujitsu Cloud Management Service takes care of the end-to-end management and optimization of your cloud infrastructure, ensuring all elements are working together, orchestrated, visible and managed. Further, the use of intelligent automated tools helps to proactively identify issues and resolve them before they become apparent. When your cloud’s technological effectiveness is handled by Fujitsu’s experts it will become ‘self-healing’ which is critical to supporting your business.

Enterprise workloads and file services


Constant and detailed cloud management is the catalyst for resilience, incorporating updates, patches, and cyber security protection by design. With Fujitsu Cloud Management Service, the combination of integrated technology and automated tools alongside deep expertise makes us stand out.

Compliance and security


Ensuring the right guidelines and guardrails are in place across systems and networks. Utilizing AI to automate protection, Fujitsu Cloud Management Service enables a rock-solid compliance foundation. Embedded by design, covering critical aspects such as patching and upgrades.

Leadership Perspectives

Infrastructure for all your ambitions

Hybrid Cloud is the beating heart of your enterprise. The foundation that empowers your employees to deliver innovative products and services as well as great customer experiences. It’s also the key to protecting your data, assets, and ideas in a compliant way.

Find out about how Fujitsu’s Cloud Management Service drives maximum value from your cloud investments. Value that will make a real difference in your market – now and into the future.

Managing the key cloud challenges

Every cloud project shares the same key challenges. How can you balance resilience with agility while keeping your organization compliant and secure? And, while you’re doing that, leverage the power of cloud to enable cost-efficiency at a time when every budget is being squeezed at the same time as driving innovation?


Are you born agile?

You don’t have to be ‘born in the cloud’ to achieve it, you just need to integrate cloud native technologies and services with your on-premises capabilities to build it. It also means understanding what can be taken as-a-service, what can be automated, and what should stay within your IT environment.


Managing your cloud is the key to resilience

In an uncertain world resilience is a priority, but it doesn’t come as standard. Learn how cloud technologies should be orchestrated and managed, so they work together to achieve trustworthy resilience. Fujitsu’s Cloud Management Service delivers that confidence.


Compliance – Don’t let IT be your Achilles’ Heel

Staying in-sync with an ever-changing regulatory environment takes time, people, and relentless focus. That’s a challenge and falling short can undermine everything you’ve worked for. Fujitsu’s Cloud Management Service manages compliance for you, so it doesn’t become your Achilles’ Heel.

Cost Optimization

Five priorities for Hybrid IT cost optimization

Effective use of the cloud can make a big difference to your costs. For those focused on getting greater value for money within and outside the organization, expert cloud management which leverages the power of automation and seamless connectivity is what really counts.

Charles Ponniah – Head of Portfolio, Digital Workplace

“Ultimately, cloud is an enabler. The technology brings true transformation value when combined with other applications, data and customer experience. It has never been more exciting to collaborate with our customers and partners to continually drive strategic enterprise-wide business transformations and innovate at a velocity higher than ever before.”

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