An Overview of Application Development and Management

Fujitsu offers Application Development and Management as a service, which includes bespoke applications, on and off cloud, rapid application development, business workflow systems, application assessment, cloud readiness, transformation and native cloud application acceleration.


Business Application Development

Application Development and Integration

Bespoke software development to deliver business applications that encompass the mission-critical functionality that drives a specific organisation's business purpose. The offering permits a wide range of technologies to be used to applications that meet functional, non-functional and system integration requirements.


Build business workflows rapidly while using data and processes from existing systems to drive new business innovation.

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Application Development and Management

Strategic Application Portfolio Assessment

A consulting engagement to quickly collate, assess and qualify the strategic value in business applications.

Application Migration

The Migration of applications

Discover and Application Insight

Automated discovery of deployed applications and insights to provide visual metrics of an IT landscape

Cloud Migration

Migrate or modernise existing legacy systems

Application Transformation

Transform applications from old, legacy technologies into newer, modern technologies.

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Cloud Native

Cloud native consulting

A consulting engagement to provide business and technical insight into cloud-native application development, deployment, usage and management.

Cloud native development & integration

The development and/or integration of business applications using the technical capabilities that are only to be found in Cloud environments, including use of Cloud Marketplaces, Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) models.

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