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XBRL Messenger

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XBRL Messenger is a suite of API’s that enables the transformation of financial data according to a taxonomy into an XBRL report. The API’s allow software developers to rapidly make their applications XBRL compliant without the need for specialist XBRL skills.

XBRL Messenger is a new and updated release of the SBR XBRL Processor developed for the Australian Standard Business Reporting (SBR) initiative in 2010.

Having been developed specifically for SBR taxonomies, it is the ideal solution for organisations which need to comply with SBR2 for B2G reporting and SuperStream for B2B transactions , such as Member Rollover and Member Contributions.

Features of XBRL Messenger:

  • Requires no knowledge of XBRL
  • Needs minimal training
  • Provides a proven SBR2 and SuperStream compliant solution
  • Dramatically shortens the time for implementation
  • Lowers the cost of development and maintenance
  • Available for both Java and .NET

In conjunction with our ebMS3 Messenger product, XBRL Messenger provides an end-to-end solution for helping businesses comply with the Australian Government's SBR, STP and SuperStream initiatives.

Making SBR for SuperStream Easy

Financial Reporting with XBRL

To better regulate financial transactions around the world, eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) - a standardised data format for reporting financial data - has been adopted by central banks, taxation departments and financial supervisory bodies. Fujitsu has been a leading XBRL vendor since 2003 and provides software, services and consultancy on a global basis.

In 2009, the Australian Treasury department and 12 other government agencies licensed Fujitsu's XBRL software (Interstage XWand) for the Standard Business Reporting (SBR) project. This project aims to simplify business-to-government (B2G) reporting and save Australian businesses close to $800 million annually when fully implemented. More recently, through an initiative known as SuperStream, the Australian government has mandated the use of XBRL to improve the processing of superannuation transactions.

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