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Through an initiative known as SuperStream, the Australian government has mandated the use of XBRL to improve the processing of superannuation transactions.

XBRL Messenger Request a free evaluation copy of our software

XBRL Messenger is a suite of API’s that enables the transformation of financial data according to a taxonomy into an XBRL report, easily and at the same time hiding the complexity of XBRL.

Australia’s SuperStream Initiative Is there a better way than DIY XBRL for SuperStream? Ask Fujitsu

SuperStream is a package of proposals for improving the processing of everyday superannuation transactions in Australia. For the first time, SBR standards are being applied to the B2B environment as SBR-compatible XBRL taxonomies for superannuation rollovers and contributions are made available. In addition, messaging standards are now being mandated.

ebMS3 Messenger Business Collaboration

ebMS3 Messenger is Fujitsu’s B2B messaging product for Single Touch Payroll (STP), SBR2 and SuperStream. It enables companies to implement the ATO’s mandatory requirements for ebMS3 messaging.

Interstage XWand Toolkit Demo Request a free evaluation copy of our software

Fujitsu Interstage XWand, the complete XBRL-enabled platform, is the solution that helps to create, validate, report, collect, and analyze financial data in XBRL (including iXBRL), a standard format that aids the disclosure of financial information quickly and accurately.

Bio Platform with PalmSecure™ - Biometric Authentication for Developers Bio_Platform_Banner_GIG4.jpg

Increasingly organisations are becoming conscious of security with critical incidents involving authentication fraud, physical access breaches and system breaches. This occurs across multiple industries with significant impact on financial security, citizens privacy, service disruption and reduced trust and compliance issues. Bio Platform helps you seamlessly integrate and scale biometric authentication into your business without the additional complexity, cost, and time that is often spent on such projects.