The keynotes of the Fujitsu World Tour 2018 will feature thought leaders from Fujitsu and customers and will have a strong focus on Co-creation for Success.

Keynote & Panel Speakers

  • Dr Joseph Reger
    Chief Technology Officer
    Fujitsu EMEIA
    (Europe, Middle East, India and Africa)

    Joseph Reger has been Chief Technology Officer (CTO) with various Fujitsu entities since 2002. As of August 1st, 2014 he was appointed as CTO for Fujitsu’s Europe, Middle East, India and Africa (EMEIA) region. In August 2015 he was awarded the title of Fujitsu Fellow.

    As CTO, he advises both the company and its customers in the implementation of new technologies. In this role he is the driving force for Fujitsu’s portfolio and technology strategy. Currently he is focusing on the topics of Quantum Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and Industry 4.0.

  • Dr. Alex Bazin
    Vice President – Head of Internet of Things
    Digital Business Platform, Global Delivery

    Dr. Alex Bazin is Vice President – Head of Internet of Things (IoT), within Fujitsu’s Global Delivery organisation. In this role, he leads a global team of technology and market specialists who are responsible for the globalization of Fujitsu IoT portfolio.

    Alex and his team own and manage a set of standardized IoT offerings based on Fujitsu’s products and services that address the needs of Fujitsu’s global customers. His team also acts as a global ‘Centre of Excellence’ providing sales and delivery support to Fujitsu regions for IoT projects.

  • Roger Jones
    Chief Technology Officer
    Auckland Transport

    Roger Jones is the Chief Technology Officer and a member of the executive at Auckland Transport (AT). Roger has extensive experience in the IT industry in both the private and public sectors, working for such organisations as the NZ Police, Air New Zealand and Fonterra.

    Roger has been with Auckland Transport from its inception, moving over from the Auckland Regional Transport Authority in November 2010. He was runner up in the 2015 CIO of the Year Awards, and the AT Business Technology team were runners up as CIO Executive Team of the Year in 2012.

Breakout Speakers

  • Charles Ponniah
    Lead Architect Digital

    Charles has over 16 years’ experience in solution construction across infrastructure, EUC & cloud services. He is currently the Lead Architect Digital providing thought leadership and architectural governance across the key portfolios delivering Fujitsu’s go to market offerings. Charles is a much sought after technology advisor for many of Fujitsu’s customers discussing all things Digital, Workplace, Cloud and technology innovation. Charles is an extremely passionate individual and loves his technology conversations.

    1:1 Sessions
    Breakout 1:

    Delivering Customer Success through Co-creation with Microsoft and Fujitsu – Human Centric Innovation for the next Generation

  • Peter Lawther
    Chief Technology Officer
    Fujitsu Australia New Zealand

    Peter is the Chief Technology Officer at Fujitsu Oceania. Peter is a passionate technology and strategy advisor with 20 years industry experience working for IBM and Fujitsu, delivering to customers around the globe. Peter is adept at building strategic business visions and road-maps to deliver technology enabled customer centric outcomes.

    1:1 Sessions
    Breakout 2:

    Human Centric approach to safety and wellbeing
    Roundtable Session 5:
    Table 1 - Putting trust at the centre of your digital transformation journey

  • Adam Goodes
    CEO and Director
    Indigenous Defence and Infrastructure Consortium

    Breakout 3:
    Panel discussion: Digital inclusion and diversity - celebrating Indigenous voices in tech
  • Jesse Slok
    Bawurra Foundation

    Breakout 3:
    Panel discussion: Digital inclusion and diversity - celebrating Indigenous voices in tech
  • Liam Ridgeway

    Breakout 3:
    Panel discussion: Digital inclusion and diversity - celebrating Indigenous voices in tech

Theatrette Speakers

  • Wesley Bretel
    Head of Cloud and Hybrid IT
    Fujitsu Australia New Zealand

    Wesley is the Head of Cloud and Hybrid IT at Fujitsu Oceania. Wesley is known for solving real business problems and developing new business via emerging technologies and services. Wesley has worked across many industries and technologies for a number of blue chip local and global companies working for Fujitsu, CSC, NAB & Amcor.

    1:1 Sessions
    Theatrette 6

    Controlling Cloud Sprawl
    As organisations look to govern, manage and tackle the move from traditional IT to Fast IT, Wesley will discuss this issue of “Cloud Sprawl” and how Fujitsu is looking to help organisations gain control without losing the benefits that cloud can bring. Focusing on
    • No touch end user provisioning
    • Multi Cloud Management
    • Financial Forecasting and Real time Costing

  • Sundar Viswanathan
    Head of Digital Solutions
    Fujitsu Australia New Zealand

    Sundar Viswanathan heads up our Digital Solutions domain and is responsible for concept through to commercialisation of a portfolio of solutions in the space of Internet of Things (IoT), Geo-Spatial, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Smart Cities and Force.com Sundar specialises in Digital Transformation and Globalisation. Having led several transformational programs, published several papers and point of views and widely quoted in international media, Sundar is considered a thought leader in Digital Transformation. Helping customers scale their digital transformation initiatives at speed and enabling them maximise their return on digital investments is topic which Sundar is keen to share his experience on.

    Theatrette 9
    Geo-spatial Tracking and Monitoring
    Today’s law enforcement and corrective services organisations are faced with a major challenge to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the parole and bail process, whilst ensuring the safety of our communities.
    Fujitsu’s Intrusive Monitoring (IM) service is end-to-end digital solution that offers a cost-effective and agile way to monitor individuals’ adherence to parole release conditions. Fujitsu’s IM service proactively and randomly monitors an individual’s location and identity, through standard smartphone devices or secure GPS enabled wearable and specialised applications. Fujitsu's strategic objective is to help law enforcement and corrective service organisations reduce their operational costs and create safer communities.
  • Max Moriceau
    Head of RunMyProcess
    Fujitsu Australia New Zealand

    Max became a passionate Digital Problem Solver at RunMyProcess Europe in 2014 and now heads RunMyProcess in Oceania. Max has guided managers in all industries in Europe and Australia to create processes that improve productivity and enable new digital services.

    Theatrette 10
    How to Run Digital & Process Automation initiatives like Start-Ups
    Our new digital world requires our business leaders to adapt much faster to catch-up with new market entrants and to rethink their business practices to lead the efficiency competition.
    Instead of wasting time and resources in the long and laborious traditional projects let’s inspire from Start-Ups to deliver successful innovations much faster, more easily and with less resources leveraging the power of RunMyProcess.
    RunMyProcess is Fujitsu’s unique cloud platform that delivers fast, end-to-end digitisation and process automation for every area of an organisation.
  • Glenn Richardson
    Senior Consultant-Intelligence Solutions
    Fujitsu Australia New Zealand

    Theatrette 8
    Fraud & Leakage Detection - Trends in Fraud Detection
  • Lee Stewart
    Head of Sustainability
    Fujitsu Australia New Zealand

    1:1 Sessions
    Theatrette 5

    Can digital tech save the planet?

Roundtable Speakers

  • Richard Zwar
    Head of Digital
    Fujitsu Australia New Zealand

    With a passion for technology and 20 years’ experience in Technology Services, Richard leads the Fujitsu Oceania’s Digital Business, where his focus is on leading the development of strategic portfolio solutions to modernise customer environments and provide a foundation for them to digitally transform their business models.

    1:1 Sessions
    Roundtable Session 1:

    Table 1 - Finding the right Balance: How does IT enable business without losing control?
    With unprecedented access to technology at their fingertips, the business is now driving the IT agenda more than ever. Richard leads a discussion around the challenges of staying in control of your IT agenda covering a number of important areas:
    • Managing your Hybrid ICT landscape across in multiple clouds and existing on-premises environments
    • The impact of social media on company culture and technology usage
    • Maintaining security, compliance and data integrity

  • Laurance Garner
    Head of Cyber Security
    Fujitsu Australia New Zealand

    Laurance has had an extensive career in the technology and cyber security industries, with over 15 years of experience working across government and commercial sectors. In his role as the Head of Cyber Security for Oceania, Laurance is responsible for the strategy and growth of Fujitsu’s cyber security business across the region, and leading the cyber security practice to deliver cyber resilience and strength to both our clients, and Fujitsu. During his career with Fujitsu, Laurance has led a team of highly experienced Enterprise Architects tasked with delivering core strategy and direction to federal government. This team has been responsible for delivering enterprise architecture capability to the Department of Defence and is relied upon by our clients as thought leaders across all aspects of enterprise architecture and cyber security. Laurance’s career also spans a broad range of technical, architectural, and leadership roles across a range of portfolios in federal government and education. This depth and breadth of experience has given Laurance a unique understanding of how to deliver resilient ICT solutions that fortify our client’s businesses.

    1:1 Sessions
    Roundtable Session 2:

    Table 3 - Delivering Cyber Resilience – from SOC to what?
    As the Cyber Threat landscape continues to evolve, our ability to detect and respond to the attacks must be constantly evolved. SOC services are now seen as a standard commodity providing monitoring and reporting with a perception that they are now little more than operational checkboxes. The value to customers' lies in the intelligence applied to the monitoring, whether that is machine-driven or human. People & culture together with the layer of analysis where the trends and insight is applied, is what organisations need if they are going to stand any chance of staying one step ahead of the threat.

  • Lucy Cobb
    Head of Digital Workplace Services
    Fujitsu Australia New Zealand

    Lucy is Head of Digital Workplace Services at Fujitsu Oceania. With over 30 years’ experience in all aspects of IT, Lucy now focuses on delivering great solutions for our customers in the Digital Workplace. Her passion is to put the end user experience at the heart of what we do, creating solutions that just work enabling our customers to be more productive.

    1:1 Sessions
    Roundtable Session 6:

    Table 2 - Does your digital workplace enable your business and give you real insight into productivity?

  • Chris Gaskin
    Fujitsu Global Application Transformation-Global Offering Owner

    Chris Gaskin is based in Australia and works for Fujitsu Global Delivery. His responsibilities include leading the Global Application Transformation offering and management within the Digital Transformation Division. Chris was responsible for the creation of the initial modernization community and since 2013 he has taken the role of lead in the Global Offering Centre Lead. Prior to Fujitsu, Chris contracted as a Project Manager for several years around the world in the Finance and IT arenas.

    1:1 Sessions
    Roundtabe Session 4:

    Table 2 - Standing on the Shoulders of Giants, The Digital Transformation Journey

  • Peter Tsakissiris
    General Manager, Consulting
    Fujitsu Australia New Zealand

    1:1 Sessions
    Rountable Session 3:

    Table 1 - The future of End user computing benefiting the employee experience

1:1 Speakers

  • Brad Freeman
    Vice President, Business Application Services
    Fujitsu Australia New Zealand

    1:1 Sessions

  • Megan Keleher
    Vice President, Marketing, Strategy and Change Management
    Fujitsu Australia New Zealand

    1:1 Sessions

  • Vasanth Kandaswamy
    General Manager, Application Management Services
    Fujitsu Australia New Zealand

    1:1 Sessions

Co-Creation Workshops

  • Ramy Ibrahim
    Digital Co-Creation & Innovation Leader
    Fujitsu Australia New Zealand

    Co-creation workshops

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