EquitasCM eService Portal - Self Service

The EquitasCM eService Portal provides the public, lawyers and organisations with self service functions from lodging documents for new cases to payments.

EquitasCM Public Courts Lists and Calendar

EquitasCM's provides accurate and searchable court lists. The new calendar subscription feature allows you to show your personalised court dates with your favourite calendar on either desktop or mobile device.

EquitasCM Digital Workplace

The EquitasCM Digital Workplace is a suite of applications to support courts operations. From the Registry through to the court room, the EquitasCM Digital Workplace provides the tools to deliver electronic court services accurately, efficiently and securely.

EquitasCM Office 365 Integration

EquitasCM's new Office 365 integration offers improved document management, video conferencing and workflow. Now you can use Office 365's collaboration and communications features to improve the delivery of courts services.