EquitasCM eService Portal 

EquitasCM’s eServices Portal delivers an eServices solution that truly enables the digital transformation of court and tribunal processes. Enabling the lodgement of documents, submission of supporting documents to cases, the processing of payments, viewing and subscribing to court listings; all achieved through a single self-service portal.

Lodged documents are processed and validated using EquitasCM’s integrated workflow and business rule engine. This leads to accurate documents being used for establishing and processing of cases.

Current Listings
Recent documents
Pending payments
Document Lodgement using Electronic Forms Engine
Integrated Payments with payment gateway integration
Court Listing and schedule views
New subscription feature allows you to see you diary on your favourite calendar applications Outlook, iOS & Android

Digital Self-service
eService portal features

EquitasCM Digital Workspace

The EquitasCM Digital Workspace enables staff and decision makers to collaborate in conducting court matters and proceedings. The EquitasCM Digital Workspace consists of a series of tools for use in-court as well as within the court's registry.

EquitasCM's Digital Workspace contains the following features:

Full workflow process management
Lodgement, Listing, Hearings, Outcome and Enforcements
Configurable workflow and business rules
Outcome and Order Management order/outcomes
Rules driven and template based order/outcomes
Support for financials and payments
Document Production and Dispatch
Template based document generation
Judicial Calendar, Scheduling and Listing Management
Fully automated scheduling rules – designed for volume
Evidence Management
Integrated with document management system
Finance Management
Payments, fees & General Ledger integration

Digital Workplace
Horizon User Interface

EquitasCM Business Integration Platform

The EquitasCM Business Integration Platform brings courts, law enforcement, other government agencies and business into true digital community. EquitasCM's Business Integration Platform promotes the exchange of data, reduces costs, improves accuracy and improves the speed of business processes.

Key features of the EquitasCM Business Integration Platform enable:

Order Publication
Enforcement Publication
Case and Participant Publication
Bulk lodgement of cases
Joined up justice

Joined up justice