One of the ways Fujitsu demonstrates our commitment to improving society is through our strong Justice sector relationships. Fujitsu has extensive experience in delivering projects to the justice sector in Australia and across the world. With a track record of delivering large projects and sustaining long term relationships with justice, law enforcement and emergency services across all Australian States and Territories.

Fujitsu offers our justice sector customers software products, systems integration and infrastructure management services. Below are a few of our customer success stories from Australia and across the globe.

New South Wales Department of Justice

NSW Department of Justice's instance of EquitasCM is known as JusticeLink, which delivered the department it's first integrated, multi-jurisdictional case court management system to go live at this scale.

EquitasCM is enabling the NSW Department of Justice to support Supreme, District, Magistrates, Environmental, Industrial courts and Tribunals is a single platform. The EquitasCM platform is proven to work on scale with the NSW Department of Justice, achieving these key statistics:

Over 40,000 users in NSW.
Over 700,000 transactions daily
640+ business events
29 Group of roles across 186 locations
Upwards of 80 different form types within the Online Registry
Over 2,000 documents flowing through the system daily – both PDFs and Word documents
case load of around 450,000 cases/year

Using EquitasCM, The NSW Department of Justice is transforming to a fully digital courts operation. Due to digital transformation and the efficiencies of using a single platform across courts, NSW Department of Justice has achieved significant cost savings and an expansion on its level of service to the community.

Federal Court of Australia & Federal Circuit Court

Fujitsu's Justice Consulting Services were engaged to deliver an analysis of the Federal Court of Australia and the Federal Circuit Court's needs for a new Case Management System. The new Case Management System need to satisfy the requirements of:

Triangle-greyFamily Law matters, that may be heard in the Federal Court of Australia , Federal Circuit Court
Triangle-greyGeneral Federal Law matters, that may be heard in the Federal Circuit Court; and
Triangle-greythe Family Law Registry.

Fujitsu conducted the 6 month engagement to develop a comprehensive statement of requirements for this Case Management System. A critical aspect of the engagement required the inclusion of a diverse stakeholder group with a broad range of requirements and special needs. The statement of requirements was delivered on time and the quality and detail of the requirements has been held as a benchmark for future requirements documents.

Victoria Department of Justice

For many years, Fujitsu has been providing a broad range of IT services to the Victorian Department of Justice, to ensure their environment is continually running with minimal disruption. In addition to delivering a range of infrastructure and application support, Fujitsu also provides the Victorian Department of Justice with a range of security services that meet and exceed the strict security requirements of the department.

Fujitsu has been engaged since 1998 to provide Applications and IT Infrastructure Management Services for the Victorian Department of Justice ICT portfolio. As part of the contract we provide:

ITIL aligned Services and Services Management;
Level 1, 2 & 3 Applications Services;
Application support and development – incorporates all service and capabilities;
Services / Contract Management;
Mainframe support;
Data Centre Operations IT Infrastructure Management; and
IT Infrastructure projects.

Northern Ireland Court Service (NICtS) - Integrated Court Operation System (ICOS) – Period of Association > 17 years

The Northern Ireland Court Service (NICtS) provides administrative support for Northern Ireland courts and certain tribunals. NICtS was hampered by existing business systems that consisted of over 30 fragmented databases and hundreds of manual and paper-based processes. Fujitsu was awarded a contract with the NICtS for the ongoing development and management of its IT infrastructure, corporate applications and courtroom technology. As part of the agreement Fujitsu was also tasked to design and implement an Integrated Court Operation System (ICOS) that would standardise and automate its business processes, improve resource management and be accessible by all court users. The design and implementation of ICOS included support for online services, wider justice integration and new courtroom technologies.

ICOS application developed by Fujitsu provides comprehensive case lifecycle management from initiation through to disposal and appeal, including access to a full case history and the integrated creation and control of all documents, such as initiating, procedural and evidential documents, results/court orders, warrants and notices. To manage any fees and fines, ICOS supports payment over the telephone by debit/credit card, Chip and Pin integration and the electronic processing of credit transfers and is also fully integrated with the Accounts system and performs an automatic bank reconciliation.

Before commencing development, Fujitsu worked closely with NICtS to ensure that it fully understood the business drivers and requirements for the new application. Its look and feel was then developed using a workshop approach to maximise commonality, while also accommodating the unique working practices of each court system.

Services provided include:

Triangle-greyApplication Implementation
Triangle-greyApplication Customisation
Triangle-greySystem Design
Triangle-greySystem Testing, Integration Testing and User Acceptance Testing Support
Triangle-greyRelease and Deployment
Triangle-greyApplication Maintenance Support


Fujitsu assisted the South Australian Civil and Administrative Tribunal SACAT in implementing their new Case Management System.

Fujitsu provided a team of experienced resources to provide:

a governance framework for support processes and vendor management,
business analysis expertise to prioritise and manage issues and requirements,
business analysis expertise to resolve and define business requirements to be delivered,
test management and processes to prioritise, test and release functionality and
experienced skills to facilitate system configuration and system administration.

South Australia Courts Administration Authority

Fujitsu assisted CAA in the development and implementation of their Court Case Management System (CCMS) system across South Australia’s 24 Civil Courts. Fujitsu provided a structured approach to issue management and resolution to progressively drive the defects and outages down to zero. Due to the successful deployment of the Court Case Management System, each of the Civil Courts within South Australia is now able to use the system in their day to day operations including real-time access from within the courtroom to access case details and to record outcomes. Fujitsu currently provides Application and Maintenance Support services to CAA.