EquitasCM (Courts Management) is Fujitsu's leading Courts Management System that delivers digital courts management to Australia’s busiest courts. Equitas CM improves the delivery of government services through a number of ways:

increasing the timeliness and accuracy of court processes by implementing each courts legislation and business rules;
reducing paper-based process and encouraging electronic information exchange with other justice sector departments;
reducing the cost and time taken for enforcement and enabling faster response by justice sector agencies to judicial decisions.

designed for Australian courts

Complies with Australian Courts Requirements
EquitasCM offers a complete set of court management processes for all participants of the judicial system.


Full court solution

Supports all courts and tribunals
EquitasCM supports the full range of courts including Supreme, Magistrates, County/District, Children, Industrial, Environmental, Appeal and Tribunals.


Digital Transformation

Enables Digital Transformation
EquitasCM enables the transition to a fully electronic court by eliminating paper based documents exchange.


Proven Performance

Proven Performance at large scale
EquitasCM is proven to work at scale in Australia’s busiest courts, supporting 1500+ courts users and processing more than 450,000 cases per year.


EquitasCM Overview  

Suite of applications providing courts management functions.
Contains a library of over 900+ process models.
A configuration model that enables new jurisdictions, documents, processes and rules to be defined without application code change.
A customisation model that enables new logic to be added to the system without major impact on the core application.
Contains a self-service portal that improves client convenience and enables true digital transformation.
A business integration platform that enables other justice stakeholders to join in to deliver a fully integrated justice ecosystem.
A proven scalable system that can meet the needs of both the smallest and largest jurisdictions in the complex court system in Australia.
A Case Management Package that enables “buy not build” for Australian Courts. 
A standards compliant solution that integrates with your environment without complex deployment. 
A way to participate in an on-going programme of product upgrades and enhancement that combines requirements and advances from JusticeLink customers with the depth of skills of one of the largest ICT companies in the world.
A high-performance solution that processes up to three quarters of a million transactions every day.

Designed for Australian Judicial System 

EquitasCM delivers efficient and accurate outcomes as it has been specifically designed for the Westminster justice system with a library of over 900 case/proceeding types including:

Magistrates Civil – all case types
Magistrates Crime – all case types
District Civil – all case types
District Crime – all case types
Supreme Civil – all case types
Supreme Crime – all case types
Children Courts Crime
Children Court
NCAT – 3 Divisions
Court of Appeal

An illustration of Australian Judicial System

Integrated Courts Administration

EquitasCM offers the full range of court management functions for all participants of the judicial system including:

Registry Staff,
Legal profession
Business to business information exchange with Police, Banks, Commercial agents
the Public through the integrated electronic services portal

EquitasCM’s features include:

Secure integration with client security environments, enabling single sign-on
Court specific workflow that accommodates the court requirements for flexibility and complexity while still simplifying the workload of court registry staff
Enterprise System Services including security, integration, document production and task management
Joined up justice – enabling integration with other government departments. Reduces information exchange costs, improving the responsiveness of government agencies

Integrated Courts Administration