Responsible Business Report FY17/18

The first Responsible Business Report for Fujitsu Australia and New Zealand is an exciting step in being transparent about our business activities, more accountable for our performance, and more engaged with customers, employees, partners, and society.

It represents the start of an ongoing conversation with our stakeholders about what we do and how we do it. To Fujitsu Australia and New Zealand, being a responsible business means investing in a diverse, safe, and engaged workforce, adding value to the communities in which we work, ensuring high ethical standards in our value chain, and being a leader in sustainability. As one of the largest ICT companies in the region, we have a big role to play.

Responsible Business Highlights FY17/18

Some of our our key achievements this year include:
• Fujitsu is the only data centre provider to have the entire portfolio NABERS rated. Our data centres are 33 per cent more efficient than the industry average, creating both economic and environmental value for our customers.
• We recycled more than 380,000kg of eWaste, the region’s fastest growing waste stream.
• We supported digital inclusion, with projects such as Eddie’s Fresh Food store for St Edmund’s College and the Bawurra Foundation’s Indigenous digital learning libraries.
• We recruited 45 new graduates and plan to increase to 80 next year
• We launched our first Reconciliation Action Plan
• Rolled out agile working across the region and we’re working to improve mental health awareness amongst our people
• Engaged our largest suppliers in due diligence process to ensure respect for Human Rights and the environment is embedded in our supply chain.

During this reporting period, our responsible business efforts were recognised as an ABA100 Winner of the Australian Business Award for Sustainability and ABA100 Winner of the Australian Business Award for Eco-Innovation (2017) awards. Our report, SMARTer2030: The Australian Opportunity for ICT-Enabled Emissions Reductions, was a finalist at the 2017 Banksia Awards. At a global level, Fujitsu was again included on the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (World, Asia Pacific) and received an A Grade from the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) in relation to both carbon and water sustainability.

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