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Fujitsu’s mobile solutions help to empower people and raise productivity – anywhere, at any place - by delivering a personalized services experience. Using desktops, laptops, or smart devices, employees can access the applications, data, and tools they need, while organizations have peace-of-mind security.

Digital workplace evolution

The world of work is changing at a rapid pace. More and more routine work is becoming automated or outsourced, and creative work and knowledge work is gaining importance. In the past, IT has focused on improving efficiencies of operations. In the mobile era, the most important priority is to increase the creativity of employees. In order to achieve this, businesses need to give utmost flexibility in terms of time, location and devices, while ensuring security and privacy. The mobile service platform, provided as part of MetaArc, connects companies and employees securely. Applications running on mobile devices support employees’ mobile work, enhancing creativity and productivity.

Platform delivering business service securely

The use of applications on mobile brings with it many challenges. Some of these include the need for highlevel security, authentication, unique development environments for each OS, and ease of operability. Fujitsu Mobilesuite service on MetaArc manages these issues and delivers a mobile environment suited to the needs of customers and their specific requirements. With its shared development features, integrated management functions and dedicated application portal, Mobilesuite helps to reduce the development and operational costs as well as enhance user experience (UX).

Mobile applications create new value

Many business applications are now available via a mobile device, enabling the transformation of business processes where ICT has not been fully used. For example, Fujitsu “Gifocus” navigation service can place customer and other data on a map, providing insights which have not been identified. Sales personnel and call centers can apply such information for their businesses and create new value.

Devices and services provide workplace anywhere

In line with our human centric vision, Fujitsu has developed mobile devices to suit individual and business requirements. For example, robustness and reliability are required to ensure ultimate productivity anywhere and anytime. In line with the needs of industry verticals, Fujitsu offers dedicated ruggedized and semi-ruggedized tablets. For general business users, Fujitsu provides a managed workplace service, enabling employees to work securely from any device and any location.

These products and services help businesses to put people at the center, and to connect platforms, applications and devices seamlessly in a way that enhances the productivity of employees. This will in turn help increase employee satisfaction and retain talent, further strengthening the competitiveness of businesses.

Services, Products and Solutions


Managed Infrastructure Services

End User Services (EUS)

EUS enables change, underpins business agility, and delivers business value while driving out costs and improving the user experience. We achieve this by offering a single blended service that allows us to provide the best-fit service model to meet industry specific challenges and to satisfy the different roles and requirements of your users. Virtual and Mobile Workplaces are architected to be integrated and so provide a seamless end user experience that maximizes individual productivity.

  • Virtual Workplace
    Fujitsu's proven approach to desktop virtualization provides a workplace platform which enables your workforce to securely and seamlessly work and collaborate from anywhere, at any time via devices of their choice. We can deliver services based on hosted solutions or solutions that are deployed on premises, we offer on-demand multi-tenant or dedicated infrastructures - designed and managed to provide the high levels of availability needed to underpin the productivity goals of any business; while protecting the key information assets precious to that business.
  • Mobile Workplace
    Fujitsu can help to manage the growing complexity of non-standard, geographically dispersed mobile infrastructure environments, while safeguarding corporate data and protecting privacy. Our approach to mobility provides enterprise-class, cloud-based, modular services for securely managing mobile devices, and access to applications and data.
Network and Communications

Fujitsu's Network services for inter-site communications, deliver a carrier-class network infrastructure combining cost competitiveness and security with high performance. An innovative alternative to traditional networks, our cloud connectivity services are based on an aggregate bandwidth pricing model. Cloud-based Enterprise Communication Service offers consumption-based voice and unified communication applications hosted in the cloud, including Hosted Voice over IP, Collaboration, Contact Center and Mobile Device Management.

  • Global WAN Services
    Fujitsu Wide Area Network (WAN) provides global connectivity. This includes Managed WAN, Managed Virtual Private Networks, Managed Wavelength and Managed Firewall Services together with Campus LAN and Distributed LAN services.


Client Computing Devices

Fujitsu is a leading provider of mobile and stationary devices for corporate customers. Fujitsu's tablets have become the standard in a wide variety of environments including government, healthcare, sales force automation, and education. In addition, customers have come to depend on the reliability, quality, innovation and human centric technology of Fujitsu products. Furthermore, Fujitsu offers a complete range of environmentally conscious products and uses environmentally friendly technologies and processes throughout the entire product lifecycle.

Notebooks and Tablets

The FUJITSU LIFEBOOK Notebook and STYLISTIC Tablet portfolio empowers the user through powerful performance wherever the workplace, whatever the industry or sector. Premium technology, unique biometric security, a comprehensive family concept, configuration options and innovative solutions interconnect to grant our customers the freedom and reassurance to work with competence, stamina and style.


The FUJITSU ESPRIMO family brings a complete range of fully featured and highly expandable desktops that dependably run the office applications of today and tomorrow. Their superior reliability comes from best-in-class Fujitsu development and outstanding production quality. The world's most efficient power supplies lower your energy bill and reduce your environmental footprint. With individual configuration options and the unique manageability solution, ESPRIMO Desktops help to reduce deployment costs and flexibly manage each system for years to come.


Engineered and built in Germany and Japan, CELSIUS workstations from Fujitsu support creativity, simulation, calculation and visualization at the highest professional level. Thanks to the end-to-end capabilities from design, engineering to production, CELSIUS workstations have gained a great reputation for being whisper quiet, offering ingenious thermal management and cooling as well as reaching world-leading benchmark results. All mobile, desktop and rack workstations are optimized for use with a host of leading workstation applications, like Autodesk, Dassault Systèmes, Siemens PLM or PTC.

Thin Clients

For optimized server-based computing or desktop virtualization, choose customizable FUJITSU FUTRO Thin Clients. Every device is designed and engineered to support best performance, security, easy manageability and cost-effectiveness. They also deliver significantly lower TCO over their lifecycle compared with a standard PC. Plus, ease-of-use, standardization and quiet operation ensure maximum user comfort.

Smart Devices

Fujitsu offers a diverse lineup of smart devices that can be tailored to customer needs. Fujitsu's smartphones and tablets are equipped with proprietary human centric technology that enables ultimate connectivity and smart functions for daily lives, such as 4G/LTE connectivity and intuitive touch-panel operation, and other features.

Peripheral Devices

Efficient working requires seamless interaction between your IT systems and users. Fujitsu delivers a comprehensive range of intuitive, useful peripheral products covering displays, human input, storage, connectivity, carrying cases, biometric security, multimedia, dot matrix printers and wearables. All peripheral products guarantee optimal compatibility across all Fujitsu systems. This consistency, together with the comprehensive range of peripherals available, enables “one-stop shopping”. That adds up to time and money saved during purchasing and compatibility verification.


Infrastructure Solutions

Virtual Client Computing

Desktop virtualization helps to improve service quality and security, increase flexibility, and reduce costs. Fujitsu provides desktop virtualization solutions based on best-in-class virtualization technologies, proven infrastructure products, and end-to-end lifecycle services from a single source. Customers benefit from rapid implementation and reduced risk resulting from Fujitsu's extensive project experience.

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