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Fujitsu delivers next level solutions for customers in a competitive environment. Leveraging the latest industry trends, advanced system development and business expertise, Fujitsu provides end-to-end integration services from planning to system operation.

Innovation through cloud services for industries and co-creation

Digitalization is changing our everyday lives, business and society. It is creating a whole new world where people as well as many things around us are connected to networks, sharing information and generating new knowledge. People work more openly and collaboratively. Business operations become more autonomous and fluid. This is a hyperconnected world.

In a hyperconnected world, knowledge moves fast across the existing borders of an organization, an industry and a country. For any business or public service, it is becoming crucial to leverage the creativity of individuals and bring together their knowledge. Together with our customers, Fujitsu wants to play an instrumental role in creating greater value for people through facilitating knowledge exchange and integration.

Industry and business services on MetaArc

To be successful in the digital era, enterprises must consider combining their own knowledge with that of other businesses in different industries to deliver new value benefitting people and society as a whole. This requires a mechanism to allow enterprises to access knowledge of other industries and businesses as a service. Fujitsu has accumulated a vast amount of experience and expertise through engagements with customers in many industries. Based on these, in 2015, Fujitsu announced a new concept of integration services, we call “FUJITSU Knowledge Integration,” to help our customers achieve digital transformation. Fujitsu provides knowledge on industries as a service and makes it available to customers via our Digital Business Platform MetaArc. We began offering the first service for the finance industry. Fujitsu is developing other platform and industry services on MetaArc and will make them available for customers to use via APIs.

Nurture talent for co-creation

Diverse lifestyes and ever changing needs of customers are making the planning and execution of businesses more complex than ever. In such a constantly evolving and uncertain business environment, enterprises need a new approach for creating innovation.

Co-creation is the best way to achieve this. We are actively organizing many hackathons, attended by external and Fujitsu people, to hone the skills of talents for digital business and greatly assist with understanding consumer needs. Fujitsu will continue to take a co-creative approach to innovation with our customers.

Services, Products and Solutions


Business and Application Services

Fujitsu's Business and Application Services leverage innovation from the Fujitsu group and partners, delighting our customers via an industry led approach, with a focus around complex systems integration that enables our customets' digital transformation. In balancing new and existing technology commitments, our comprehensive business and application services are ideally placed to help customers successfully deliver their key transformation initiatives. Fujitsu provides a full range of application services to support the development, integration, testing, deployment and ongoing management of both custom developed and packaged applications.

Business Consulting

Fujitsu's Business Consulting enables customers to achieve greater operational efficiencies, performance and maximize ROI of current existing and planned IT implementations and business strategies. Fujitsu helps organizations to formulate strategies through services including business case development, road-mapping and assessment services. Fujitsu manages every aspect of business change to ensure that the impact on an organization is minimal. Fujitsu XpressWay is a cost-effective output-focused IT business consultancy approach which offers your organization a new way to get more out of IT. We blend together business and technical capabilities, to deliver the outcomes you need to improve agility and exploit new market opportunities.

IT Consulting

Fujitsu helps organizations understand what is the best technology to use to achieve business objectives, whilst understanding emerging technologies. Fujitsu uses a consulting led approach, aided by robust assessment tools. Services include: IT Strategy and Effectiveness, Application Value Assessment, Application Modernization, Data Center Assessment, and IT Service Management.

Application Development and Integration

Application Development and Integration Services help customers respond to change by defining and delivering application transformation projects. Fujitsu's experience in dealing with complex multi-vendor environments and emerging trends/technologies, ensures that projects are managed professionally and on budget. Offerings include: Package Implementation Services, Custom Application Development, Systems Integration, Application Modernization and Migration, and Test and Validation Services.

Innovative Application Services

To help our customers benefit from digitalization, Fujitsu is rapidly expanding a range of innovative, vertical focused offerings to address specific industry challenges. Examples include Retail Analytics, Smart Ticketing for the transport sector and Augmented Reality for utilities.

Application Management and Outsourcing

Fujitsu recognizes that organizations have invested a lot in their current application landscape so we ensure that the investment is not lost and unlike many of our competitors Fujitsu does not singularly promote a technology. This enables organizations to create business value and agility, and to derive maximum value from the application landscape.
With the introduction of Transformational Application Managed Services (Transformational AMS) Fujitsu provides an end-to-end offering for supporting the application framework to ensure it meets the changing needs of organizations adopting digital technologies. Fujitsu is helping organizations to transform in this fast changing world through an integrated bi-modal approach which builds the bridge between the digital world and existing business operations. This includes proactive management of the global applications landscape, to keep the business running and up-to-date; innovations driven by business insights to identify and drive change, for greater business impact; and automation-centric transformation to enable the rapid realization of goals

Enterprise Applications

Fujitsu's Enterprise Applications services cover the design, development, configuration, implementation, rollout and ongoing management of solutions based on packaged ERP applications. Fujitsu provides scalable services for market leading software products such as SAP and Oracle, covering core business functions including finance, HR and supply chain management.

  • SAP Services
    Enterprises around the world have made significant investments in SAP technologies to assist with this challenge but need support in getting the most out of their vast capabilities. As a trusted SAP Global Partner for over 40 years, Fujitsu offers a complete range of tailored, future-proof SAP services that help customers simplify, innovate and grow. We are driving innovation across all areas of financial and operational performance–from cloud services via managed SAP operations to solutions and services for on-premises deployments.
  • Oracle Services
    With a 30+ year strategic relationship with Oracle, Fujitsu is a Global end-to-end Oracle Solution Partner with over 60 Specialization certifications across the Oracle stack that encompass Cloud, Hosting / Hardware, Systems Integration and Application Managed Support. Fujitsu balances the business requirements for Fast IT, digital transformation and cloud with existing technology commitments, to help customers successfully accomplish their key transformation initiatives with Oracle's leading technology and Fujitsu Oracle Innovation.
  • FUJITSU Cloud Services Management
    - Reducing the cost and complexity of managing hybrid IT –
    FUJITSU Cloud Services Management addresses the key challenges of managing a hybrid IT landscape of cloud and non-cloud systems while delivering savings in operational management costs. FUJITSU Cloud Services Management enables you to integrate and manage new services with existing infrastructure. It provides a complete set of integration tools to source and adopt new cloud services and comprises: management, resource provisioning and reporting, process and data integration, data management, system and process monitoring, service management, identity and access management. Cost analytics, cost simulation and report management provide enhanced reporting and financial management
  • Applications Modernization
    A comprehensive set of Application Modernization services that enable customers to more easily migrate or modernize legacy applications to reap the benefits of cloud services, minimizing the risks and costs - and giving them greater flexibility for the future.
    Applications Modernization comprises:
    • - Application Value Assessment: identifying which applications would benefit from applications modernization and cloud deployment.
    • - Application Modernization: utilizing the cloud without moving the entire application to the cloud - for instance, moving the front end or database.
    • - Application Migration: migrating entire applications to the cloud.

Managed Infrastructure Services

Fujitsu's Managed Infrastructure Services provide a cost effective, reliable and flexible ICT infrastructure to customers. This infrastructure may be owned by the customer or Fujitsu. Our services comprise Data Center Services, End User Services, Service Desk, Technical and Maintenance Services, Cloud, and Network and Communication Services as well as Cyber Security Services, as described on page 52.

Data Center Services

Fujitsu's Data Center Services provide our customers with the complete range of services to ensure their IT systems are fully operational for their users as well as to improve their IT flexibility, efficiency, performance and to reduce their costs. Our operational Datacenter Services comprise:

  • - Datacenter Outsourcing where we take on the responsibility for managing and transforming your services.
  • - Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) for servers, storage and other DC and cloud hosted infrastructure.
  • - Managed Hosting for Cloud and non-cloud systems: backup and recovery services as well as DC network services.
  • - In addition Fujitsu has technical consultancy and project services that enable us to undertake assessment, advisory, migration and transformation projects for our customers - either as part of a wider outsource or as part of the customer's journey towards cloud infrastructure.
  • - As part of the transformation of customer infrastructure we provide FUJITSU Cloud Service K5. Designed for organizations that want a choice of services on demand, our K5 allows you to take any workload into the cloud – whether you need a trusted public, private hosted, private or a hybrid cloud environment.
  • - Fujitsu Cloud Service K5 also offers Platform as a Service (PaaS) capability to support migrating mission-critical applications to cloud, integrating new digital initiatives with existing IT systems as well as developing new cloud native applications. To help transition and transform applications we offer blueprinting, orchestration, native application development and API integration.
End User Services (EUS)

Fujitsu's End User Services are for organizations who want to securely access applications and data on any device in any location. EUS enables change and underpins business agility. It delivers business value while driving out costs and improving the user experience. EUS is a superset of a number of offerings and services that enables Fujitsu to offer a blend of traditional and cloud based services to meet each customer's individual needs. EUS encompasses: Classic Workplace, Virtual Workplace, Mobile Workplace and Collaborative Workplace - all supported by Service Desk, Technical Support Services and Service Delivery Management.

Service Desk

Fujitsu's Service Desk takes a user-centric approach and leverage proven processes, tools and a global network of service desk centers. Fujitsu can offer multi-lingual service desk support in more than 30 languages out of our five global service desks in Costa Rica, Malaysia, Poland, Portugal, and the Philippines, enhanced by local service desk capabilities in over 30 countries. Fujitsu's Service Desk delivers exemplary service quality that enhances user experiences, going beyond fixing problems, identifying root causes and integrating preventive support solutions based on real-time analytics. Our focus is on the value we can create for our customers and the quality of the customer experience we deliver. By applying Sense and Respond - our approach to implementing lean principles in a service environment, we seek to fix users' problems quickly and easily, and to see how these problems can be eliminated permanently-eradicating waste from the IT service. Through TRIOLE for ServiceNow, all our global service desks work to the same processes and standards, compliant with the ISO 20000 international standard, operating to best practice principles and delivering exemplary service quality.

Technical Support Services

Business processes and business continuity depend on a reliable IT infrastructure.

  • - Managed Infrastructure Support can be Offsite (Remote Services) or Onsite Support Service. The ongoing fulfilment of all Service Level Agreements in IT Infrastructures cover proactive, predictive and preventive support services for Fujitsu and multivendor hardware and software products, including retail systems.
  • - Managed Rollout and Lifecycle Support Services ensure that the right systems are rolled-out, upgraded, relocated or de-installed at the right time in the right location. Fujitsu offers rollout concepts and project management covering localization analysis, installation, training, data migration and system disposal.

Fujitsu serves as the one-stop resource for the customer's whole IT environment.



Fujitsu is the only Japanese vendor with a systematic software product lineup. Fujitsu integrates optimal systems according to customer needs and objectives, based on a core lineup of proprietary technologies and products combined with supplementary partner software products and open-source software.

  • FUJITSU Software Interstage Business Operations Platform
    This solution integrates multiple business systems using a web service, supports companies in developing new business processes. The solution has a wide range of features, including connectors that link existing SAP systems and other business packages as web services without requiring application revisions or connection add-ons, processes, data connectivity, and user interfaces. With this single solution, companies can build services that support new business processes.
  • FUJITSU FlexFrame Orchestrator
    Fujitsu's innovative FlexFrame Orchestrator solution enables operating SAP applications, databases and the SAP HANA platform easier, faster and more effectively. It simplifies the management of complex SAP environments, optimizes planning, operation and change management and reduces costs by up to 90% while increasing agility by up to 50%. Comprising most advanced orchestration and administration capabilities, FlexFrame Orchestrator is an optimized operational concept for the entire SAP landscapes.

Integrated Systems

Under the name of FUJITSU Integrated System PRIMEFLEX, Fujitsu provides a broad lineup of Integrated Systems. PRIMEFLEX encompasses factory- installed solutions which are ready-to-run and reference architectures which can be easily adjusted to customer-specific requirements. Both options are supplemented by truly attractive service offerings. (For a full description, please see the 'Integrated Computing' section.)

  • FUJITSU Integrated System PRIMEFLEX for SAP Landscapes
    FUJITSU Integrated System PRIMEFLEX for SAP Landscapes allows a rapid high-quality implementation of infrastructure for SAP applications and databases including new developments like S/4HANA. It is designed, delivered and supported as one product. The integrated FlexFrame Orchestrator software offers consistent and standardized administration of infrastructure, databases, and applications. This makes operation more reliable and dramatically boosts responsiveness throughout the business enterprise.
  • FUJITSU Integrated System PRIMEFLEX for SAP HANA
    PRIMEFLEX for SAP HANA is backed by 40 years of experience in delivering fast, secure, high availability implementations with optimized TCO, successfully reducing complexity. Fujitsu's SAP HANA expertise, infrastructures and services enable customers to fully exploit the potential of the SAP HANA platform (For more information, please see the 'Analytics' section.)
  • FUJITSU Integrated System PRIMEFLEX for SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise
    This end-to-end solution incorporating integrated services and support has proven to be reliable and affordable for extreme transaction processing. At the same time it is able to keep pace with the constantly increasing amount of data and transactions. It significantly reduces complexity, time to production, risk, and TCO for enterprises.


Industry Solutions

Fujitsu's long and comprehensive global experience means we have been able to develop expertise across a number of industries. Working together with customers we drive value by utilizing industry specific expertise.

Retail *Featured below
Life Sciences
Financial Services
Energy and Utilities
Public Sector
Defense and National Security
Food and Beverage
Betting and Gaming
FUJITSU Retail Solutions

Fujitsu is delivering comprehensive value for over 500 retailers in 52 countries and powering over 82,000 stores worldwide. With more than 30 years' experience in retail and a broad portfolio of retail solutions backed by enterprise ICT products and services, we are focusing on three core capabilities that ultimately deliver retailers a differentiated customer experience under the ethos of 'Connected Retail'.

  • - Innovative retail solutions
    To support and future-proof the customer experience in today's multichannel world; this includes Fujitsu Market Place - our omni-channel PoS application - and new solutions from our innovation labs around the world.
  • - Connected enterprise
    Linking applications, information and communication within the store, between the front and back office, and between multiple vendors to deliver a seamless and integrated customer journey, including enterprise solutions, and outcome-based enterprise services.
  • - Global delivery
    The assets and capabilities to deliver consistent cross-border solutions.

Business and Technology Solutions

Intelligent Society Solutions

Utilization of ICT has gained popularity in social infrastructure fields such as Food, Agriculture, Health & Medical care, Transportation, Education and Energy. Aimed at addressing various social challenges in these fields, Fujitsu is continuously creating new value through innovative ICT such as cloud and mobility solutions.

  • FUJITSU Intelligent Society Solution RFID and Sensor Solution
  • FUJITSU Intelligent Society Solution Akisai
  • FUJITSU Intelligent Society Solution SPATIOWL
Technical Computing Solution

Building on our long-standing history of innovation, 30 years of experience in the development of supercomputers and the exceptional depth and breadth of our offering, we provide the enabling technologies and services for a wide range of aerospace, meteorology, astronomy, healthcare and industrial projects. We have also teamed up with numerous prominent research agencies to design bespoke solutions for the most varied and challenging technical computing applications.

  • FUJITSU Technical Computing Solution TC Cloud
Sustainability Solutions

Balancing economic, social, and environmental sustainability presents both opportunities and challenges for modern-day businesses. Organizations that understand the need to use their ICT innovatively while focusing on its optimization, resource and energy efficiency will gain from both a business advantage as well as social responsibility. Fujitsu helps your organization optimize the efficiency of its ICT equipment and data centers, saving you money and reducing greenhouse gas. Our Enterprise Sustainability services align your sustainability objectives with your business goals for sustainable growth.

  • FUJITSU Enterprise Sustainability Consulting
  • FUJITSU ICT Sustainability Framework
  • FUJITSU ICT Sustainability Benchmark

Infrastructure Solutions

Infrastructure Solutions typically consist of various IT components and combine them to serve specific usage scenarios. Decades of experience and collaboration with leading software vendors have enabled us to offer platform-specific as well as platform-independent operating and management solutions and frameworks that provide best-in-class quality.

Virtual Client Computing

(For a full description, please see the 'Mobile' section.)

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