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Customer Stories

Digital Transformation, driven by Human Centric Innovation :
Co-creation of innovation with customers

Human Centric Innovation is an approach to creating business and social value by empowering people with digital technology. The customer stories in this page introduce how human centric approach creates innovation for business and society.


Transforming the school canteen experience helps increase security and safety

Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.

Never Stop! - Upgrading the cash market trading platform "arrowhead" in the quest for world-class reliability

Comboios De Portugal (Trains of Portugal)

Transforming customer experience and minimizing fraud with a new ticketing platform

Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.

Advanced marketing in the new digital era: Rapid integration of dispersed data on customer attributes

Scottish Water

Cyber Threat Intelligence transforming security protection and safeguarding business

Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.

Work style innovation encourages creativity, harnessing the aspirations of all employees

Richardson Police Department

Using RFID technology to transform the management of police inventory

Square Enix Co., Ltd.

Bringing world-famous online games to users much faster with a new delivery platform

ACT Health(Canberra Hospital)

Human centric technology brings parents and their babies together

Leopalace21 Corporation

Turning apartment rooftops into 'virtual power plants', green energy through mega-solar power generation

Agency for Science, Technology and Research(A*STAR)
Singapore Management University

Industry, Government and Academia establish partnership for sustainable urbanization

Iwata Smart Agriculture Project
Joint Venture of Fujitsu, ORIX, and Masuda Seed

Co-creating a business model for strong, dynamic agriculture that uses diverse sources of knowledge

More case studies



  • CaixaBank
    Human Centric Technologies at the Forefront of Retail Banking

Retail Distribution




Public Sector


  • NTT DOCOMO, Inc.
    Flexible Technology for Business Innovation and Competitive Advantage

  • Metawater Co., Ltd.
    Overhauling Water Facility Maintenance Using Augmented Reality Technology


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