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Fujitsu and partners at the Public Sector Parc

Does cloud offer new options to local authority administrations. Is it thus an alternative to traditional IT provision? Yes is the answer to both questions.
And you will have the opportunity at CeBIT to discover the reasons for such a clear-cut answer. Fujitsu and partners are not only inviting you to talks about the options for moving IT services into the Cloud. Our stand in Hall 7 will also be a central point-of-contact for everyone who wants to find out the latest about products, solutions and services for administrative IT.
So, when you are at CeBIT, please pop into the Public Sector Parc and make a beeline for Stand A28!

Key topics in Hall 7:

The Cloud

Clear shapes in IT heaven

Cloud Computing has long since discarded the hype and visionary talk. The shape of alternative provision models is now much clearer; there is a change in attitudes and public authority managers and IT managers are now taking specific actions.
What is actually possible? What is required to move from City Hall to the Cloud?
Fujitsu and its partners can help to shed some light in this jungle of wide-ranging cloud options.
We spotlight some practice-proven solutions for technical infrastructures as well as specific consultation services.

  • Trusted, private or hybrid: insights into Cloud strategies, solutions and benefits
  • Strategic IT consulting: cloud orientation and implementation support from a competent source
  • GIS on demand: geo data from the cloud
  • Training in a Cloud: Cloud training using the Cloud
Exhibitors: Fujitsu, grit GmbH, MATERNA

Infrastructures and services

Modernization according to requirements and budgets

Visit the Fujitsu stand in Public Sector Parc to find out the factors involved in reducing costs in local authority IT and increasing the quality of your IT services. Look at products, solutions and services for flexible infrastructures as a means of introducing tailored modernization, even if budgets are tight.

  • Dynamic Infrastructures: Up-to-date information about the Fujitsu portfolio covering products, solutions and services for developing and expanding more flexible infrastructures
  • Managed Services: Options to support data center, storage and client environments
  • Infrastructure as a Service: On-demand provision of server and storage capacities
  • Government Consulting: Specialist know-how used to optimize local authority IT
Exhibitor: Fujitsu

eGovernment applications

Recommendations and specific solutions

What is the status for digital citizen services and the electronic handling of administration and communication processes within public authorities? "Good, but it could be even better" according to the latest surveys such as eGovernment Monitor 2011. In other words, there is still a lot to do. Fujitsu and partners can provide many ideas for a range of eGovernment solutions that can be implemented using traditional means also via the Cloud.

  • Geo solutions: Multiple functions and operational types
  • Archiving: Legally compliant electronic long-term archiving
  • Digital learning: Set up and operate innovative training and education networks
  • Mobile data entry: Automate the recording of personnel data in Field Service
  • White IT: Initiative against misuse via the Web
Exhibitors: Fujitsu, ibR Geoinformation, OpenLimit, State of Bavaria, Association for White IT

Partner solutions

Optimization potential in many ways

These are important components for an interesting Fujitsu stand in the Public Sector Parc: Intelligent and innovative partner solutions covering a wide range of issues and responsibilities within public administrations. If you are looking for solutions that manage documents and processes methodically, that enable data to be managed and backed up reliably, that reduce printing and copying costs or which manage infrastructures, then you can save yourself a long journey. Call in at Fujitsu and partners and you will have already arrived at the correct address.

  • Data management: Manage storage and data reliably
  • Scan solutions: Scan documents easy and economically
  • Process management: Control business processes methodically
  • Document processing: Intelligence for document-based processes
  • Singular information management: Managed data growth
  • Document management: Keep contents and processes under control
  • Data security: Protect information integrity
  • IT management: Keep infrastructures transparent and under control
  • Print and copy: Reduce costs by up to 30%
  • Financial Services: Investments as required
Exhibitors: NetApp, PFU, AXON, Scalaris, CommVault, Ceoniq, Symantec, CA Technologies, Kyocera, Siemens Financial Services


The practical side speaks for itself

At our stand in the Public Sector Parc, one element is given special emphasis, i.e. the practical side. The entire exhibition provides audible and visual demonstrations of actual practice situations, explaining the best of particularly exciting customer projects. The accident insurers Post and Telekom (Unfallkasse) invite you to take a look at their new document management system. The employer's liability insurance association ETEM lets interested visitors peek behind the scenes of their innovative electronic data exchange procedures. And, in conjunction with the Federal Printing Office, the BG Food and Restaurant industry will be showing how the electronic signatures procedure for the new state ID cards can be easily integrated into online application procedures.

  • Archive documents: Legally compliant with electronic signatures
  • Data exchange: Electronic instead of paper
  • Web application procedure: Moving quickly to legal signatures in the online world
Exhibitors: Post and Telekom Accident Insurance, BG ETEM/Software AG, BG Nahrungsmittel und Gastgewerbe (food/restaurants), Portsol19, Bundesdruckerei (Federal Printing Office)

Take our word: Fujitsu and its partners will impress you with ideas for high-performance administrations and institutions. Why not check this out for yourselves? Take the first step by clicking on our CeBIT application form. We look forward to seeing you at the Public Sector Parc.






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