The Fujitsu team impressed us with their passion and ethos of sustainability. They also have a compelling track record with Ricex and Fertx.

Terry Paule, Co-Founder and CEO, Botanical Water Technologies
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Botanical Water Technologies

Delivering a trusted new source of water


Botanical Water Technologies is positively impacting water scarcity by providing a new source of drinkable, sustainable, plant-based water for communities and environmental projects. It harvests water during sugar milling and vegetable processing seasons, which is used for the company’s own retail brand, AquaBotanical.


Botanical Water Technologies needed a blockchain platform to support its boldly ambitious Botanical Water Exchange (BWX), which enables the transparent, secure trading of water, including the refinement, sales, purchase, delivery and usage of the product.


  • FUJITSU Track and Trust service


  • Blockchain enables the secure trading of sustainable water
  • Total visibility of refinement, sales, purchase, delivery and usage
  • Real time view of production, including weighbridges, pumps and monitoring
  • 24/7 global support

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