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  4. With PRIMERGY and ETERNUS systems, Linck gets a robust backup infrastructure

With PRIMERGY and ETERNUS systems, Linck gets a robust backup infrastructure

"Fujitsu gives us a German-speaking contact on-site for any queries and service issues, which is a really important factor for us. As is the company’s reliability and speed. We placed our order at the start of December and it was delivered by the end of the month"

Tadeusz Turek, Head of IT, Linck Holzverarbeitungstechnik GmbH

The customer

Linck is an SME based in Oberkirch on the edge of the Black Forest. The company is Europe’s largest manufacturer of sawmill equipment and a partner to some of the continent’s largest sawmills. It owes much of its success to its constant development of new innovations that generate higher yields and optimize cutting techniques for the wood processing industry. Its Oberkirch sites easy-to-reach location provides a number of benefits, including helping the company to ensure its developments keep pace with the latest trends.

The challenge

Linck was previously backing up all of its data to tapes. However, this solution was becoming outdated and took up far too much time.

The solution

The company’s first step was to convert to a new virtual environment with four PRIMERGY RX2540 servers. Then, Fujitsu and its service partner Freicon showed Linck how it could use the ETERNUS CS800 backup storage appliance and an additional PRIMERGY RX2540 server to back up its data. The company also chose to roll out the German-made backup and disaster recovery solution, SEP sesam, to all of its departments. The software now stores an initial backup on the ETERNUS CS800 before creating a second disaster copy on the ETERNUS LT40. The tapes are written to independently of the main backup process.

The benefit

  • Fast backups
  • Low downtime when data needs to be restored<
  • Data can be backed up to tapes throughout the day while the systems are running, without affecting the employees
  • Reliable data recovery







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