Fujitsu ist eine vielfältige globale Organisation mit über 150.000 Mitarbeitern in 100 Ländern. Unser Ziel ist es, die Welt nachhaltiger zu gestalten, indem wir durch Innovation Vertrauen in die Gesellschaft aufbauen. Dies ist unsere Art zu arbeiten und unsere Vision für die Zukunft. Um dies zu verwirklichen, müssen wir Menschen beschäftigen, die unsere Vision für die Zukunft teilen. Menschen, die erkennen, welche entscheidende Rolle die Technologie spielt, um die Welt zu einem besseren Ort zu machen. Menschen, die die Lebens- und Arbeitsweise der Welt gestalten können. Kommen Sie und werden Sie Teil unserer gemeinsamen Zukunft, indem Sie Ihre Karriere und die Welt mit uns gestalten.

Warum Fujitsu?

Bei Fujitsu können wir durch Innovation nur dann ein Vertrauen in die Gesellschaft aufbauen, wenn wir darauf bauen, dass unsere Mitarbeiter Lösungen entwickeln, die dauerhafte Veränderungen bewirken. Fujitsu ist ein Ort, an dem man sich darauf verlässt, dass alle ihre Aufgaben erfüllen. Es ist ein Ort, an dem es richtig ist, auf seine Weise zu arbeiten, und an dem es darauf ankommt, das Richtige zu tun. Es ist auch ein Ort, an dem wir in einem führenden globalen Technologieunternehmen gemeinsam etwas erreichen.

Where in the world can we take you?

As a global company, we have offices in countries all around the world and employees have the opportunity to move between these as they develop their career. Choose your region below to explore the latest vacancies.

Fujitsu in North America

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Fulfilling your career potential.

Fujitsu has a number of companies in North America covering IT products, network communications and research laboratories. We offer a wide range of exciting career opportunities within engineering, development, sales, services, manufacturing, and administration - including; finance, accounting, human resources, facilities, and IT.

We are committed to making our employees career goals achievable, and actively promote their development through continuous training and education. As well as providing a wide range of resources that enable our employees to realize their career goals, we also provide a generous rewards package that includes bonus and incentive programs.

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Fujitsu in Europe

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Attaining your career goal.

Fujitsu offers employment opportunities in Europe across a wide range of roles; from sales and marketing, to engineering and product development for individuals with the skills and expertise to deliver competitive advantage to our customers. With a wide range of training programs, we help support our employees’ developmental needs and career goals. A large number of global roles are based out of Europe.

We are committed to the care of our employees and work hard to provide a working environment that supports their health and wellbeing – including a state-of-the-art working environment and access to the latest technology. Our generous employment package includes; a competitive salary, health insurance, life insurance, pension, and bonus scheme.

Fujitsu in Asia

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Supporting career development.

Fujitsu has operations across Asia with offices in Japan, China, South East Asia, India and the Middle East. Each provides a wide range of employment opportunities for individuals with the skills and expertise to help deliver competitive advantage to our customers. We are committed to providing a working environment and organizational culture that supports our employees’ wellbeing.

We actively support our employees’ career development through continuous training and education and offer a generous rewards package that includes; life insurance, health insurance, pension, and bonus scheme.

Fujitsu in Central America and the Caribbean

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Maximizing your promotional prospects.

Fujitsu operates across the Caribbean with roles available in management, sales, technical, clerical, and customer service. We employ professionals with a wealth of specialized skills to ensure the delivery of sustainable and profitable growth for our customers. All our employees are offered promotional opportunities and are encouraged to apply for jobs that increase their experience and knowledge to enhance their career.

Working with us will give you access to latest workplace technology and a wide range of employee benefits. We care about the welfare of our people and work hard to attract and retain our employees by creating a work environment that promotes job satisfaction and an atmosphere of goodwill.

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Fujitsu South America

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Developing your knowledge and skills.

Fujitsu's South American operations provide the opportunity to work in a dynamic environment with other motivated and talented team members. We believe our employees and their development are key to our success, and we work hard to provide a positive working environment that encourages a good work/life balance.

We expect a lot from our employees but give a lot in return. We offer advanced training, structured career development, and a very attractive employment package that includes; health insurance, bonus, pension, and life insurance. With Fujitsu, you can pursue your career aspirations and take advantage of the many opportunities we provide for personal development and advancement.

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Fujitsu Japan

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Providing a workplace to thrive and grow.

Fujitsu Japan is an equal opportunity employer that abides by the employment ethics code set out by the Japan Economic Federation. We are committed to developing a diverse and inclusive work environment in which every employee can contribute and thrive.

Employee wellbeing is our priority, which is why we provide a helpful, collaborative, and supportive workplace where employees can enjoy their work and pursue their career goals – an environment where workers can feel empowered and motivated.

Our employees, chosen for their skills and expertise, are rewarded with a generous employment package, including; pension scheme, life insurance, health insurance, and bonus scheme.

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Fujitsu in Oceania

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Achieving your career goals.

Fujitsu Australia and New Zealand offers an inclusive workplace environment where employees are offered equal opportunities based on merit regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, disabilities, values, beliefs, religion, or sexual preferences. We recruit the highest possible calibre of staff to our positions; whether that’s technical, customer service, managerial, sales, or clerical.

We develop talent and offer a range of advanced training opportunities to support the structured career development of all our employees.

From our applicants we expect that they take the initiative and are responsible for their duties from the very outset. In return we offer a very generous employment package that includes; a competitive salary, health insurance, life insurance, bonus scheme, and pension scheme.

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