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Fujitsu Cisco Retail Solutions and Services Partnership

Gold PartnerWhat is the retail business situation like today? Rapid change, intense competition, pressure on operating expenses, and constantly changing customer preferences and shopping behaviors are just a few of the challenges retailers face.

Within the IT space, rapid change is accelerating. According to IDC, 90% of enterprise strategies include digital transformation in 2016. A year from now 80% of enterprise IT organizations will commit to hybrid cloud architectures that will drive the pace of transformation even faster. Moving faster and broader through the next two years will be critical to the success and even survival of many retail businesses.

That’s why Fujitsu and Cisco are expanding our more than 15 year partnership to deliver a consolidated solution and services offering to Retailers in North America. Now, you can source, stage, install and support your Cisco in-store infrastructure through one provider – Fujitsu!

Fact sheet: Transforming the Store Experience with Cisco® Retail Solutions (241 KB)

Our new partnership can benefit retailers in many ways:

Rationalize and reduce the number of different providers for new store installs, upgrades and new technology rollouts.
Fujitsu is a Cisco Certified Gold Partner which requires ongoing education, updates and certifications on Cisco solutions, strategy awareness and technology roadmaps. Fujitsu is then constantly ready to supply and deliver Cisco’s latest solutions and coordinated services to retailers whenever and wherever needed.
Fujitsu’s procurement, staging operation (Memphis), service desks, professional services, project management, field services and support operations have decades of experience in customizing technology and infrastructure delivery solutions to meet each retailer’s unique needs and expectation locally, regionally and even globally.
By combining Cisco solution procurement, staging, deployment and support into a single program, Fujitsu can reduce you program cost by combining and optimizing procurement, staging, logistics, services and support.
Fujitsu understands the rapid pace of digital transformation and what that means for retail stores. New network switching, routing, LAN/WLAN/WAN, compute and storage capabilities will be critical components in the transformation of today’s store from “a place of transacting” into tomorrow store “a place of experience”. Cost, scalability, performance and reliability extend not only to the Cisco technology solutions available but also to the service and support to keep those solutions in prime condition and operating.

Digital disruption has rocked the retail industry in recent years. And the pace of change shows no signs of slowing. But despite the challenges, opportunities abound. Those retailers that implement digital transformation will win in a complex, fast-changing marketplace. Download “Reinventing Retail” and learn how to get the most out of your digital transformation journey.
White Paper: Digital Transformation ReadinessOpen a new window

What Fujitsu can provide:

  • A single source to procure and manage Cisco orders. Through our Cisco Gold Partner certification, Fujitsu earns the deepest discount rates available from Cisco. Through both volume and solution specific incentives, Fujitsu can deliver even deeper discounts to retailers.
  • Staging and consolidation services. Based in Memphis, TN the shipping hub of North America, Fujitsu can aggregate, configure and make ready complete store install, upgrade or conversion technology packages. Equipment can be preloaded, tested and verified ready for installation reducing on-site time for installation teams.
  • Professional Services. Fujitsu has decades of experience providing retailers with turn-key services to complete store technology installation projects on time, on budget and consistently.
  • 1800 field engineers across North America. Fujitsu trains and certifies teams specifically on the installation and support of Cisco technology including WLAN/LAN/WAN, Routing, Switching and Computing solutions. We have a large internal corps of CCENT, CCNA and even CCIE specialists who deliver our services to retailers.
  • Service Desk and Support. Located on our North American campus in Richardson, TX, Fujitsu Service Desk and Senior Engineers support customers and our field engineers whenever necessary. Our training lab houses the latest and most common Cisco retail store solutions where we train, and update our support teams, design customer solutions and troubleshoot complex issues.
  • Warranty and on-going managed services support. Fujitsu can source Cisco warranty, provide warranty administration and support (both in and out of warranty) in many configurations to meet each retailer’s needs. Whether its in-store support (Break/Fix/replace, IMAC, upgrades), advance exchange, or other depot services Fujitsu can deliver customized services through an array of support options an programs.
  • Options. Even if Cisco is only a part of your store infrastructure, Fujitsu can provide combined services and support regardless of the OEM. We are trained and certified to support a wide range of solutions that are common in retail stores. Adding Cisco to our portfolio of services provides retailers with a cost advantage opportunity to consolidate sourcing and delivery of store infrastructure now and in the future.