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GlobalSTORE POS Application

The single solution for multiple points-of-service

Application Software

Today's retail environment presents an explosion of new in-store devices and applications that can help you increase profitability through better inventory management and improved customer intimacy. However, the inability of traditional POS systems to easily and seamlessly integrate these technologies into a single, cost-effective store solution limits their potential benefits.

That’s why Fujitsu developed GlobalSTORE — a full-featured, customizable POS, cash management and back office system — that’s built to deliver a seamless customer experience across applications, devices and channels.


GlobalSTORE is based on our Fujitsu Retail Suite and enables you to easily connect different applications and devices from multiple vendors on various platforms. The result is a complete store system that reduces the costs of integration and helps you provide better customer service.

Global Reach

As a true international solution, GlobalSTORE allows you to interoperate your POS systems at multiple locations, whether across town or around the globe. Store staff can now be empowered to view merchandise inventory across the enterprise and have items shipped directly to the customer from any number of locations.

Because GlobalSTORE provides multi-currency, multi-language capability, you can rely on a single store solution for all countries in which you operate. This makes it easier for you to adjust to new markets and opportunities while keeping infrastructure costs low.

A Single Store Solution Suited to Many Needs

  • For Retailers Large and Small - Whether you need a few POS systems or hundreds, GlobalSTORE enables you to run the same system regardless of the size or number of stores in your operations.
  • Supports Different Store Formats - GlobalSTORE is designed to fit your business needs, whether it’s for a particular store format or different departments within a store. You can manage one system from corporate while maintaining specific business features for various store formats. Even multiple chains can operate from a single application.

Increase Revenue at the Point of Service

  • Quickly Train New Store Associates - To help your employees get up to speed quickly — and efficiently assist customers — GlobalSTORE features an adaptable, easy-to-use interface as well as optional training video loops.
  • Ensure Store Promotions Achieve Objectives - GlobalSTORE offers the most complete promotions systems in the industry, with more than 350 built-in formats. It not only provides a wide variety of options but is designed to ensure that promotions are applied appropriately, including calculating "best deal" price structures.
  • Extends Point of Service Capabilities to New Devices - You can use any number of mobile devices in concert with GlobalSTORE. There’s no need to invest in dual development and maintenance for both POS and mobile devices.