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U-Scan 6.0

Fujitsu Impulse support

U-Scan has added support for the new Fujitsu Impulse product. The Fujitsu Impulse is a self-service unit designed expressly for the convenience environment.  Its small size allows it to fit snugly into the convenience environment, leaving as much room as possible for merchandise.

The U-Scan multimedia has been updated to be able to depict this product in the screen animations. Several mounting options permit flexible store placement of the Impulse, and additional mounting options are in development.

Fujitsu Fresco POS support

U-Scan 6.0 runs natively on the Fujitsu Fresco POS solution. Retailers can now benefit from one stable version of software in a reliable end-to-end retail solution, whose components have been proven time and again on thousands of standard- and self-checkout stations around the world.

Friendly Checkout

Fujitsu is making self-checkout friendlier through the addition of the following features:

  • Themes - to personalize the shopping experience, retailers can implement optional themes on the U-Scan Start, Thank You, and Closed screens. A theme is a collection of design-related elements that work in harmony to promote a theme such as a season, a holiday period, or special events and promotions. Fujitsu has created a collection of preset themes tailored to specific occasions, including Spring, Summer, Winter, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, and Halloween. Retailers can also use the tools we provide to create their own customized themes that will meet their specific needs.
  • Customer Personalization - the main U-Scan purchasing screen contains a slider tab control located at the bottom of the screen that will allow shoppers to set preferences for default language, bagging options, and volume control that will be tied to their loyalty account.
  • Donate -  allow your customers to make a charitable donation while they’re making their self-checkout payment.
  • Swipe to Scroll – this usability feature brings the familiar ‘swipe to scroll’ action from the realm of smartphones into the self-checkout space. If more items are purchased than can be displayed in the virtual receipt, or when more categories of non-barcoded items exist than can be displayed on a single screen, the customer can touch and swipe down in this panel to reveal the items that don’t fit.

Intervention Reduction

Fujitsu SCO is evolving to meet customer needs in this version of U-Scan by employing several strategies to reduce the number of unnecessary interventions. Fujitsu is implementing a long-term intervention reduction strategy, but in this release we have taken the following first step.

Simply enabling the new Remove Bags feature and by taking advantage of new enhancements to manage security threshold by product categories, can reduce weight security interventions by up to 40%.

Retail Wearable

U-Scan Retail WearableOur retail wearable solution represents a lower cost, more efficient way to manage customers on the go. Integrated with U-Scan and Fujitsu Fresco, our wearable devices keep associates’ hands free to prepare food or do other tasks while monitoring checkouts. This new generation of smaller wearable devices, adapted by Fujitsu for retail use, makes it easy to keep your staff in touch with management and with customers who need help.

Additional enhancements

More enhancements have been added to this release, to improve installation, security policies, order flow when the customer has their own bags or if the Customer Station printer goes offline. Weight security is made more flexible by the ability to set weight security thresholds for entire categories and subcategories of items rather than solely for individual items.