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Retail Wearable

U-Scan Retail WearableOur retail wearable solution represents a lower cost, more efficient way to manage customers on the go. Integrated with U-Scan and Fujitsu Fresco, our wearable devices keep associates’ hands free to prepare food or do other tasks while monitoring checkouts. This new generation of smaller wearable devices, adapted by Fujitsu for retail use, makes it easy to keep your staff in touch with management and with customers who need help.
Fact Sheet: Wearable Alerts Solution (637 KB)

Mobile Attendant

Utilizing a wireless handheld Mobile Attendant device, one associate can support up to six U-Scan lanes without the need for an Attendant Station.

Attendant Station

U-Scan Attendant StationAttendants can monitor the system from a work area called the Attendant Station. When customers require assistance, the attendant can deal with the issues using the touchscreen monitor, POS keyboard, or hand scanner located  at the Attendant Station.