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U-Scan Genesis

Self Checkout continues to grow
The Fujitsu U-Scan® Genesis offers retailers new features, flexibility, scalability, reliability and usability. With its new compact, space-saving footprint, U-Scan Genesis is expected to rapidly expand into new markets in addition to the traditional grocery sector, where Fujitsu has led for many years. Retail formats from larger stores such as mass merchandisers, do-it-yourself (DIY) and warehouse stores, to more space-constrained convenience stores, drugstores discount and specialty retail stores, find the new features and compact design a significant improvement over other self-checkout options.

U-Scan Genesis offers a wide portfolio of hardware and software technology advances including:

High capacity, space saving footprint - redesigned to offer more bagging capacity per square foot, delivered in one of the smallest self-checkout footprints available. U-Scan Genesis minimizes the impact on the overall retail floor selling space while providing greater opportunity for impulse item merchandising in and around the self-checkout area.

ATM-style "follow me" LED lighting - guides users through the checkout process faster, making it easier to locate the bill, coin, receipt and coupon devices. Shaving seconds off of every self-checkout transaction results in faster throughput and improved labor productivity.

More intuitive customer interface - redesigned using the same human-machine interaction technology used to design automotive and aviation control systems, U-Scan Genesis reduces transaction time, making it easier to follow on-screen customer instructions.

"Above scanner" bill and coin accepting and dispensing units - speeds the transaction process and reduces the chance of customers leaving money behind. Vertical orientation of these devices into a tight cluster adjacent to the display makes it much easier and faster for consumers to find the bill, coin receipt and coupon devices.

Multi-item scanning - this patent-pending technology enables shoppers to scan items one after the other and then place in the bag to further accelerate the check-out process. Shoppers do not have to scan and bag one item before scanning and bagging another.

The new Fujitsu F53 bill dispensing unit - designed and built by Fujitsu, the F53 bill dispenser significantly improves dispensing rates and reduces bill jams - the most common self-checkout service and maintenance issue.

Coin hopper or coin canister dispensing units - allows retailer to choose the coin management option that's best for their retail operational environment.

Metrologic scanner/scale - offers high first-pass scan rates with 6-sided, 360° scanning and integrated electronic article surveillance (EAS).

Retail-hardened Fujitsu TeamPoS 3600 terminals - designed to withstand the rigors of high-volume checkout environments with easy serviceability.

Rapid integration to POS applications - Using our sophisticated messaging framework and virtual POS design, U-Scan can be quickly integrated to most retailer's POS systems. Future POS upgrades are much simpler, faster and less costly to integrate with the U-Scan software, meaning much lower impact to retailer's on-going POS release schedule.

U-Scan Genesis

U-Scan Genesis offers retailers new features, flexibility, scalability, reliability and usability. Some of the advanced features include: high capacity, space saving footprint, ATM-style "follow me" LED lighting, more intuitive customer interface, "above scanner" bill and coin accepting and dispensing units and multi-item scanning.

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U-Scan Genesis 1 - Single-bag unit is perfect for small retail outlets, convenience stores, drug and discount retailers in both standard and express lane configurations

U-Scan Genesis 2 - Dual-bag model works well in almost any retail store environment, where both bagging capacity and overall space savings are critical.

U-Scan Genesis 4 - Four-bag system is perfect for higher volume supermarkets and mass merchandise retailers fitting in significantly less space than most popular 3-bag systems.

U-Scan Carousel - Rotating bagging platform accommodates large order sizes with variable configurations of either 6 bag racks or 4 bag racks and recycle bin space, in addition to a secondary scale for larger items.

U-Scan Mini-Carousel - The U-Scan Mini-Carousel footprint is 28% smaller than the standard Carousel. This results in a savings of eight square feet of floor space when the smaller carousel is used.

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U-Scan Genesis Payment Station - Full-service tendering (coin and bill accepting and dispensing) model increases throughput during significant customer surges or where register space is limited.

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Mobile Attendant - Utilizing an wireless handheld device, one associate can support up to six U-Scan lanes without the need for an attendant station.


Self-checkout Best Practices - By working with store operations within the U-Scan user community, Fujitsu has identified a set of self-checkout best practices and industry performance benchmarks. Leveraging our proven self-checkout best practices methodology, retailers can significantly increase customer acceptance of self-checkout, strengthen their self-checkout model, and ultimately, improve their return on investment.

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Training - Self-checkout offers numerous benefits to retailers and customers: faster service, improved use of labor, a competitive advantage, to name just a few. Yet without the proper training program to accompany a self-checkout implementation, many retailers won't maximize their return on investment.

That's why Fujitsu, in partnership with The MacLaren Group, offers a complete training program to help retailers successfully launch and maintain their self-checkout initiatives.

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