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Retainer Plus

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Retainer Plus is the unique commercial model offered by Fujitsu that combines the protection of traditional insurance-based pricing with the incentives of activity-based pricing.

Through a collaborative Fujitsu-retailer relationship that encourages transparent sharing of data and analysis, we work with you to reduce the low value (redundant /ineffective) service calls through store staff and Help Desk intervention and share the cost savings achieved by this reduced activity with the retailer. Only Fujitsu has the organizational philosophy and operational structure to deliver this collaborative approach designed to significantly reduce your fees while improving your operations.

Relentless Cost Reduction

Through our Relentless Cost Reduction strategy we drive actionable cost reduction strategies that typically save our customers 15-30 percent in service delivery expense.

Our unique business model encourages process improvements that continuously reduce the cost of maintenance, leading to year-over-year savings.

The Benefits of Retainer Plus


Cost savings of up to 30% off your IT maintenance


Vendor agnostic to manage your current platforms, all through a single-source vendor

Benefit 3

Transparent data analysis and sharing to reduce problematic low value (redundant/ineffective) service calls


Flexible service strategies to suit your needs and scalable to optimize your budget

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Want to know more?

Download "Fujitsu’s Lifecycle Services - Multi-vendor store technology support" and find out how we redefined what it means to be a retail partner and helps you improve profitability and store operations.