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PalmEntryXS™ Access Control System

Biometric Access Control System Delivers Secure, Convenient Access
PalmSecure Vein Recognition Technology Offers Robust Biometric Authentication to Enhance Physical Access Security

PalmEntry XS
 Datasheet (143 KB)


PalmEntry XS™ Access Control System

  • Contactless palm vein authentication is fast, hygienic and non-invasive
  • No biometric footprint or residual trace left behind after authentication
  • Fast and easy enrollment for all users with virtually no registration failure
  • Robust biometric controller can be mounted remotely in secure area
  • Encrypted template repository secures user information
  • Compact design for easy installation into standard single or 2-Gang Box
  • Configurable as a standalone system or integrated to your existing access control solution via Wiegand or IP interfaces


  • Eliminate fraud associated with shared PIN numbers and cards
  • Improve user convenience (no PIN number or cards to worry about forgetting)
  • Slash ongoing support costs by replacing keys, PINs and cards
  • Enhance Security- easily integrates into existing or new systems
  • Easily configurable for single or two factor solutions

Special Webinar - Learn How to Reduce Store Shrink By Eliminating Key Based Systems - AND - to Secure Areas – with a Simple Palm Scan

SPECIAL WEBINAR INVITATION: Learn How to Enhance Security on Campus

Please join us for a special educational webinar to learn about using the latest technology to enhance security at school entrances, front office, side wing doors that provide exterior access and other areas that should be secured from unauthorized visitors.

Joining us will be Dan Miller, from Fujitsu's Biometric Identity Solutions group to discuss more about the Fujitsu Physical Access Control Solution, PalmEntry, and how it can enhance security and provide greater site integrity along with peace of mind for parents and staff.
Learn How to Enhance Security on Campus

Award-Winning biometric authentication technology for secure access control

The Fujitsu PalmEntryXS access control system, is a robust authentication system that utilizes vascular pattern biometric technology to deliver fast and convenient identification. This award-winning innovation offers secure physical and logical access control with a highly reliable, contactless biometric authentication solution.

The Fujitsu PalmSecure sensor uses near-infrared light to capture a person’s palm vein pattern, generating a unique biometric template that is matched against pre-registered user palm vein patterns. The palm vein device can only recognize the pattern if the blood is actively flowing within the individual’s veins, which means that forgery is virtually impossible. This advanced, vascular pattern recognition technology not only provides highly reliable authentication with low false accept and reject rates, but also generates fast and easy enrollment.

It is the ideal solution for secure areas, data centers, manufacturing labs, schools, daycare centers and medical facilities. The Fujitsu PalmEntryXS Physical Access Control technology delivers advanced biometric authentication that is easy to integrate into existing hardware infrastructures. Its flexible and scalable PalmEntry Access Control Software can be easily configured to operate independently or interface with existing access control systems. To meet muti-factor authentication requirements, the system can be integrated with other modalities including pin pad, magnetic swipe, proximity card, and smart card technologies.

Unlike other biometric technologies, Fujitsu’s PalmSecure does not rely on capturing a surface feature (such as a fingerprint, iris, face or voice image).

As a result, Fujitsu PalmSecure technology is:

  • Highly accurate
  • Significantly harder to spoof or counterfeit since no ‘biometric footprint’ is left behind (unlike a latent fingerprint, face, or iris picture or voice recording)
  • A non-contact, hygienic technology (extremely important in hospitals and ‘public use’ applications)
  • ‘Non-intrusive’ and easy to use, (simply place the palm approximately 2” above the reader),
  • Not subject to surface conditions that cause other biometrics to perform poorly (such as dry skin, cuts or abrasions, facial hair, glasses, contacts, or sore throat)

PalmEntryXS Access Control Specifications
Authentication Support PalmEntryXS controller can support up to 20,000 templates locally
Interface I/O Two USB 2.0, CAT-5, Wiegand IN / OUT, LED cable
Ethernet 10/100Base-T, SMCS PHY
Wiegand Inputs / Outputs Supports 26 bit, Corporate 1000™
Wiegand input for secondary authentication device
Palm focal length (from sensor surface) 2 inches from the surface of the sensor (+/- a half inch)
Reliability MTBF (mean time between failure):
Sensor: 1 million hours.
Controller: 250,000 hours
LED’s 4 color display bar:
(Ready, Busy, Access Granted, Access Denied)
Supply voltage 12V to 24V external supply,
PoE (if available) PoE 802.3af (12.5W)
Power consumption 6w
Operating temperature 0° to 50°C
Outer dimensions Controller: 106 x 95 x 28 mm.
Handguide: 180 x 111 x 30 mm
Supported OS Client : Windows 7 SP1/8.1 Update/10 (x86), Linux 2.6.32 or later (x64)
Server: Windows Server 2003 and 2008
Safety / Agency Approvals FCC (Class A, Part 15)

If you have a technical question about the PalmSecure product or need support, please send an email to We will respond to your inquiry as soon as we can.