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PalmSecure for the Education Marketplace| TeamPOS for the Education Marketplace

Meeting Industry Demands Frost & Sullivan Best Practice Award 2010

PalmSecure for the Education Marketplace

With the continued effort to increase efficiencies in the world of education, PalmSecure can be utilized in a variety of settings to address processes, security and identity authentication for students, administrators and staff alike.

For students, the traditional school ID has been a mainstay for identifying students and is often associated with meal plans and attendance. This method is rife with issues, including “buddy punching”, essentially sharing ones ID with others for meal plans, and ghost swipes for attendance. PalmSecure addresses these shortcomings by tying a student’s ID to their Palm Vein Template, the result of a PalmSecure system scan. By requiring a palm scan for each attendance validation, or for a meal plan transaction, school administrators can more accurately track attendance as well as gain better control over foodservice supply chain and planning, thus contributing to overall savings in food costs.

Another by-product of implementing PalmSecure for school foodservice is increasing the efficiency in which students can be served. A simple palm scan at check-out means no fumbling with ID cards, scrounging for loose change or sharing of meal plan cards. When the cafeteria line moves faster, students have more time to eat, and staff can better facilitate the management of the associated processes and commissary functions.

Fujitsu PalmSecure Solution, Paired with MCS POS Application, Best Met our Qualifying Criteria (1.97 MB )

Robust biometric authentication for education

  • Fast, simple, non-contact user ID
  • Eliminate PINs
  • Reduce ID Theft
  • Eliminate Food Program Fraud
  • Easily integrate with existing software program