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Imaging Solutions for the Insurance Industry

Insurance Scanners from Fujitsu

When insurance companies discuss policy options with a client, conduct a risk assessment on a new policy, or service a claim, it's essential that agents have immediate access to accurate and comprehensive information. To protect their customer base, these companies also focus on reducing claims processing time and customer inquiry resolution. The large volume of cases—and associated paperwork—makes efficient operation of an insurance business a significant challenge.

Fujitsu Scanners: A safe pair of hands for document management

Fortunately, Fujitsu image-processing solutions make it possible to run your insurance organization more smoothly than ever. For example, the Fujitsu fi-6130 and fi-6230 color duplex workgroup scanners offer exceptional high-capacity paper handling, high productivity, and selectable RGB color dropout makes insurance-forms processing simple. The scanners are equipped with a 50-page automatic document feeder (ADF) and use Kofax® VRS® (VirtualReScan®) software which lowers costs by requiring fewer re-scans and producing easier-to-read images. With Fujitsu scanners in your office, you can process paperwork quickly—and your clients' information is safe.

Fujitsu scanners help companies in the insurance industry:

  • Improve claims processing time by utilizing scanners to manage workflow
  • Meet regulatory compliance with better recordkeeping, enabled by secure and fast scanners
  • Scan to PDF for easier document sharing and archiving