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Fujitsu fi-6140 High Performance Color Duplex Scanner

We're sorry this model is no longer available.
May we suggest the fi-6140Z

Fujitsu fi-6140 Scanner

The Fujitsu fi-6140 Color Duplex Scanner: The Fastest, Most Advanced Scanner in Its Class.(*)

  • Fast, 60 ppm/120 ipm scanning in monochrome and grayscale
  • Best in class 300 dpi color scanning at 40 ppm/80 ipm
  • First scanner in its class to offer Intelligent MultiFeed Function (iMFF) as well as advanced Paper Protection technology
  • Robust 50-page Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) with enhanced hard and embossed card scanning (including credit or healthcare cards)
  • Comes bundled with Kofax® VRS® Professional, Adobe® Acrobat® Standard, and ScandAll Pro imaging software
  • One-year Limited Warranty with available Advance Exchange program
The Fujitsu fi-6140 scanner belongs to the class of A4 ADF color scanners whose scanning speeds meet or exceed 40 ppm / 80 ipm (color, A4, 200 dpi). This statement stood true as of October 2007

The Fujitsu fi-6140 Scanner: High Performance, Advanced Features, and a Compact Design.

The Fujitsu fi-6140 scanner is the smallest in its class, but it scans an impressive 60 pages or 120 images per-minute in Monochrome or Grayscale (Letter @ 200dpi) as well as 40 pages or 80 images per-minute in Color (Letter @ 300dpi).

Furthermore, the Fujitsu fi-6140 model has adopted high-end “fi series” functions, including:

  • Paper Protection technology: Protects valuable documents by halting the scanning process when it recognizes that a jam is about to occur.
  • Intelligent MultiFeed Function (iMFF): Simplifies pre-scanning preparation and improves efficiency by ignoring documents that trigger false multifeed alerts such as a photo or sticky note.
  • Intelligent Capture Correction Function (iCCF): Auto-color recognition, auto-size detection, and auto de-skew correction provides dramatic efficiency by combining fast scanning with simultaneous high speed image processing.

Along with ultrasonic double-feed detection, long document scanning (up to 10 feet), dual interfaces (ultra SCSI and USB 2.0), and embossed card scanning, this scanner can continuously feed up to 3 hard cards (up to 1.4 mm thick) through the Auto Document Feeder (ADF).

Fully- Loaded, One-Box Solution, Including Peace Of Mind

The Fujitsu fi-6140 scanner comes bundled with everything needed to get your organization scanning. The fi-6140 includes full versions of valuable imaging software, including Kofax VRS® Professional, Adobe® Acrobat® Standard, and ScandAll Pro, giving users image enhancement functionality as well as the option of scanning directly to PDF, file, print or batch.

And the one-year Limited Warranty, along with eligibility for the Fujitsu Advance Exchange Program, provides peace-of-mind. For full details on the Limited Warranty and on all Fujitsu service programs, go to or call (800) 626-4686.

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Part Number Description
fi-6140 Service
fi-6140 1 Year Basic NBD S6140-BAPWNBD-1 1 Cleaning, Parts, Labor, Travel
fi-6140 2 Year Basic NBD S6140-BAPWNBD-2 1 Cleaning per yr, Parts, Labor, Travel
fi-6140 3 Year Basic NBD S6140-BAPWNBD-3 1 Cleaning per yr, Parts, Labor, Travel
fi-6140 Co-Term Basic NBD S6140-BACTNBD-X Parts, Labor, Travel
fi-6140 1 Year Advance Exchange S6140-AEPWNBD-1 Parts, Labor, Shipping
fi-6140 2 Year Advance Exchange S6140-AEPWNBD-2 Parts, Labor, Shipping
fi-6140 3 Year Advance Exchange S6140-AEPWNBD-3 Parts, Labor, Shipping
fi-6140 Co-Term Advance Exchange NBD S6140-AECTNBD-X Parts, Labor, Shipping
fi-6140 1 Year Depot S6140-DEPW5DY-1 Parts, Labor, Return Shipment
fi-6140 Consumables
ScanAid Kit CG01000-524801 Includes 1 brake roller, 1 pick roller and cleaning kit
Brake Roller PA03540-0001 Consumable life: Every 200,000 sheets or one year
Pick Roller PA03540-0002 Consumable life: Every 200,000 sheets or one year
fi-6140 Options
Print Cartridge CA00050-0262 3 pack of Ink cartridges for imprinter
ScanRight Software IPC V2.5 PA43402-C22901 Image Enhancement Software
Imprinter (fi-614PR) PA03540-D201 Post-scan imprinter
Product Name fi-6140
Functional Specifications
Image Sensor Type Color Charge Coupled Device (CCD) x 2
Light Source White cold cathode discharge lamp
Optical Resolution 600 dpi
Optical Resolution(1) Color (24 bit) 50 to 600 dpi
(adjustable by 1 dpi increments, 1200 dpi(2))
Grayscale (8 bit)
Output Format Color: 24 bit, 8 bit/4 bit; Grayscale: 8 bit, 4 bit; Monochrome: 1 bit
AD Converter 1024 levels (10 bit)
Scanning Speeds
Output (Letter/A4 size)(3) Simplex Duplex
Color(4) 200dpi 40 ppm 80 ipm
300 dpi 40 ppm 80 ipm
Grayscale(4) / Monochrome 200 dpi 60 ppm 120 ipm
300 dpi 40 ppm 80 ipm
ADF Capacity(5) 50 Sheets (letter/A4, 20 lb.)
Document size ADF minimum 2 in. x 3 in.
ADF maximum 8.5 in. x 14 in.
ADF Paper Weight (Thickness) Normal 11 to 56.2 lb. (41 to 209g/m²)
A8 sheets 34 to 56.2 lb. (127 to 209g/m²)
Card(6)(1.4 mm)(7) Portrait and Landscape feeding(8)
Interface(9) Ultra SCSI (50m) / High Speed USB 2.0
Physical Specifications
Power requirements (auto-switching) 100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 42W or less (Sleep: less than 6.2W)
Environmental Comatibility ENERGY STAR® and RoHS
Operating Environment Temperature 42°F to 95°F (5°C to 35°C)
Relative humidity 20 to 80% (non-condensing)
Dimensions (W x D x H)(10) 11.8 x 6.4 x 6.2 in. (301 x 160 x 158 mm)
Weight 9.24 lb. (4.2 kg)
Limited Warranty One-year. Advance Exchange program also available; restrictions apply. For full details, visit or call (800) 626-4686.
Service Options Post-Warranty
Advance Exchange Plus; restrictions apply.
Consumables – ScanAid™ kits
For full details, visit or call (800) 626-4686.
Inbox Contents TWAIN, ISIS™, USB cable, AC adapter
Bundled Software
(DVD format)
Adobe® Acrobat® Standard
Kofax® VRS® 4.x Professional and ScandAll Pro
Options Software IPC, Imprinter
OS Support Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Professional / Microsoft® XP (32 bit/64 bit) /
Microsoft® Windows Server™ 2003 (32 bit/64 bit) /
Microsoft® Windows Vista™ (32 bit/64 bit) /
Microsoft® Windows® Server 2008 (32/64 bit) /
Microsoft® Windows® 2008 R2 (64 bit) /
Windows 7(32/64 bit)
Features Ultrasonic Double Feed Detection, Intelligent Multi-Feed Function (iMFF),
Paper Protection Function, Embossed Card Scanning Capability,
Long Document Scanning, Automatic Color Recognition,
Automatic Paper-Size Detection, Automatic De-skew Correction,
Selectable White & Black Background (in ADF only).
Part Number PA03540-B005
Maximum output resolutions may vary, depending upon the size of the area being scanned and whether the scanner is scanning in simplex or duplex.
Scanning limitations brought about by scanning mode, document size and available memory may occur when scanning at high resolutions (600dpi or higher).
Actual scanning speeds are affected by data transmission and software processing times.
JPEG compressed figures.
Maximum capacity varies, depending upon paper weight.
Supports ISO7810 embossed cards
Able to digitize cards that are up to 1.25mm thick when scanning in monochrome at 200dpi (60ppm).
Capable of scanning up to 3 cards at a time. (Note: does not support multi-embossed card feeding.)
Ultra SCSI interface cannot be used simultaneously with USB2.0.
Excluding the ADF paper chute and stacker