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TWAIN Drivers for Fujitsu Scanners


Fujitsu bundles TWAIN Scanner Drivers with all scanner models in the fi-series to enhance and optimize the performance of these industry-leading scanners. Enabling the TWAIN Scanner Drivers on your Fujitsu scanner ensures that features such as image scanning, image preview, and automatic image adjustment work to full capability. TWAIN drivers also help your Fujitsu scanner work at top performance with your printers.

Benefits of TWAIN Scanner Drivers

TWAIN drivers simplify and enhance the functionality and performance of your Fujitsu scanner in many ways. With TWAIN drivers installed, your scanner:

  • Supports file transfers between applications.
  • Ensures that scanning setup dialogue is easy to understand and use.
  • Lets you specify different scanning requirements for the front and back of documents when double-sided scanning.
  • Supports long document scanning mode
  • Automatic image rotation to ensure scanning batches have the same page orientation
  • Skips blank pages
  • Allows you to set color dropouts.
  • ASPI / STI mode support
TWAIN Driver Screen

Download TWAIN Scanner Drivers

To download theTWAIN Driver for the fi series, visit our "Driver Download" page.