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Government, Manufacturing, Healthcare and Transportation and Travel - Case Studies


Legacy Modernization: Agency of the Alberta Government Develops its Mainframe Retirement Strategy (181 KB)
Having achieved consensus on the retirement approach, Fujitsu Consulting built and validated sequencing criteria for retirement of the applications selected for analysis.
Legacy Modernization: Fujitsu Helps the City of Edmonton Adopt a New Decision-Making Tool (150 KB)
Through the use of Enterprise Value Management, the City of Edmonton is working to integrate its investment decision processes to its ongoing performance measurement, establishing a tie between selection and execution, a key component of successful strategic management.
Legacy Modernization: State of Washington Department of Licensing Successfully Re-Hosts HP3000 Platform to Server-Based Microsoft .NET Environment (466 KB)
Fujitsu Consulting’s winning proposal met WADOL’s criteria in a way that allowed them to preserve their investment in their existing code, while new industry-standard server platforms delivered the capacity and performance they needed.
Legacy Modernization: Fujitsu Consulting Delivers Fully-Hosted Document and Imaging System to Financial Industry Client (66 KB)
Fujitsu Consulting fully deployed an Electronic Document Management and scanning environment based on Documentum’s Electronic Document Management System products suite.
Legacy Modernization: Ministry of Revenue Adopts .NET technology (73 KB)
With the support of Fujitsu Consulting and Microsoft, the MRQ adopted the new technology, allowing for cost effective delivery of online capabilities to Quebec citizens, while paving the way for future services.

Industry: Government
Solution: Legacy Modernization
Legacy Modernization: State of Washington Department of Licensing Selects NetCOBOL for .NET (130 KB)
Fujitsu Consulting’s winning proposal met the RFP criteria in a way that minimized the migration risk while helping staff build contemporary skills.

Health Care

Content Management: Fujitsu Consulting integrates Documentum with PeopleSoft for large Medical Insurance Provider (69 KB)
PeopleSoft and Documentum had to support all the aspects of the business--from new membership processing, to litigation tracking and managing technical documentation.


Enterprise Resource Planning: J.D. Edwards Business Intelligence Solution Enables Timely, Informed Business Decisions for Acme Brick Company (533 KB)
Fujitsu Consulting integrated an end-to-end collaborative BI Financial Management solution for Acme.


Content Management: Translink /Coast Mountain Bus Company Implements Fujitsu Enterprise Data Warehouse Solution (95 KB)
Fujitsu was responsible for building and implementing the entire Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) solution. The EDW solution was built using the Fujitsu Macroscope® methodology.