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Fujitsu ServerView Resource Orchestrator

Fujitsu ServerView Resource Orchestrator

Implement a private cloud in your IT infrastructure for enhanced application service deployment, flexibility, and scalability.

Cloud is in almost every information technology discussion nowadays, with claims made for enhanced flexibility, service delivery, and reduced costs. For users that can utilize public cloud offerings this is indeed often the case. In fact, Fujitsu has been delivering a public cloud offering for years, called the Fujitsu Cloud IaaS Trusted Public S5, which is utilized by thousands of customer throughout the world.

However, many IT organizations cannot use public clouds, or at a minimum, are concerned about the security of public clouds. For these customers Fujitsu offers ServerView® Resource Orchestrator®. Resource Orchestrator is a private cloud framework that provides customers with their own “infrastructure as a service” (IaaS) capability. Customers can host Resource Orchestrator behind their firewall and control every aspect of deployment and administration, where they provide the application service templates, define multi-tenant groups and workflow approval processes, and manage their usage and capacity of their private cloud infrastructure resources. Customers can also have Fujitsu host a private cloud deployment at one of our regional TIER3(+) data centers, where we will work with your IT administrators to deploy and host a dedicated private cloud infrastructure.

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Fujitsu Cloud Starter Kit Solution

The Fujitsu Cloud Starter Kit is an all-in-one start up solution that provides an easy-to-manage and reliable cloud infrastructure with minimum deployment effort. This pre-tested solution provides servers, storage, network switches, virtualization, cloud resource management software and configuration templates for easy setup. This will allow the customer to remove the need for complex design requirements, reduce deployment time and enable a smooth transition from their traditional systems to a private cloud infrastructure.

Fujitsu Cloud Starter Kit Data Sheet (941 KB)

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