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Virtual Access Network Solution

Virtual Access Network Solution

Almost every service area contains an underserved potential customer base of small to medium businesses, specifically those ranging in size from one to 500 employees. In fact, businesses in this size range are the vast majority of all companies in North America. However, in many areas, these businesses lack access to affordable broadband, because it is unprofitable for operators to deploy service to them.

Now there’s a solution. The Fujitsu Virtual Access Network (vAN) is a flexible and cost-effective approach to delivering small-to-medium business access services. With the vAN solution, it is now possible to deliver a range of services to customers that were previously not cost-effective to reach, especially in rural areas.

vAN enables you to deploy services:

  • Without any manual provisioning
  • Without regard to the underlying technology
  • Without truck rolls

Enabling Low-Cost Service Expansion
By virtualizing network functions and running these in centralized compute resources instead of at the network edge, vAN features highly flexible, inexpensive customer premises devices in place of purpose-built, complex routers, enabling operators to offer services to a broader customer base. The device, known as the Fujitsu Services Gateway Unit (SGU), features software that makes it entirely self-configuring. SGU devices can be installed by the customer without technician intervention. With the vAN, new customers receive their SGU devices, connect them, and can receive service almost immediately. The Fujitsu vAN solution lets you take your access services to previously unserved customers—and provides a basis for extending your range of services with innovative new offerings in future.