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1FINITY™ L100 Lambda


1FINITY™ L100 Lambda

As classic ROADM networks begin to age, service providers are seeking next-generation networks that are scalable, flexible, and dynamically reconfigurable. New CD-F ROADM technology and software-defined networking (SDN) are bridging the gap to fulfill this promise. Fujitsu has developed a modular ROADM solution that combines functional blades to provide a scalable, colorless, directionless ROADM node. The 1FINITY™ L100 Lambda blade family provides service providers with a CD ROADM solution offering multidegree, flexible-grid operation and super-channel support.

The 1FINITY L100 series is comprised of ROADM-oriented, 1RU blades that can be combined to implement right-sized network configurations. A ROADM-on-a-blade (RoB) is the through or first stage, offering an advanced route-and-select architecture with 96 wavelength capabilities. The RoB is available with twin 1×9 or 1×20 modules for small- to large-degree configurations, each blade being a single degree. Two additional blades, a Splitter/Coupler (SPL) and an Optical Switch (M×N), provide the drop or second stage of the ROADM node with configurations ranging from 64 to 960 ports. The initial SPL blade has a dual 4×16 module, and the M×N blade has a 12×9 WSS module.

To ensure a competitive, scalable network, different ROADM configurations can be formulated to provide the best price and performance combination. The RoB and SPL blades can be stacked to provide a low-cost ROADM node. And, the M×N blade can be added to provide additional drop options for larger ROADM applications.

The 1FINITY L100 series of blades provides a next-generation ROADM network with a scalable CD architecture. The pay-as-you-grow, blade-centric architecture maximizes rack space, scalable degree, and port count, and provides true reconfigurability via SDN.