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Advanced Packaging

  1. Assembly
    Fujitsu offers a variety of assembly services with numerous advanced packaging technologies. Services range from low-pin-count CSPs and wafer-level packaging to very large flip chip designs with pin counts well over 2000 balls and 11,000 bumps.
  2. Test
    Fujitsu offers a comprehensive set of LSI and RF testing services in a proven, state-of-the-art, fully automated robotic test center.
  3. Wafer Bumping
    Fujitsu is the leader in wafer-bumping services, offering a full array of materials and bumping technologies for a variety of applications including lead free.
  4. Design
    Fujitsu offers a full-service design flow for its customers, from "concepts on a napkin" to high-density and complex package substrate net-lists. Samples can be built to customers' specifications quickly - right the first time - to prove the concept. In short, Fujitsu turns designs into reality.
  5. Model Simulation
    Using comprehensive off-the-shelf and Fujitsu-owned simulation tools, customers can model their designs before volume production.
  6. Reliablity
    Fujitsu is known for the quality and reliability of its design services and product manufacturing. Our reputation for reliability goes with every product.
  7. Material Management
    Turnkey material and inventory management including wafer/die bank.