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  5. 10 Key Features of FujitsuAutomotive MCUs

10 Key Features of FujitsuAutomotive MCUs

Auto MCU

10 Key Features of Fujitsu Automotive MCUs

Technical Backgrounder


CoverThe automotive industry is using microcontrollers (MCUs) for an increasingly wide range of applications, from motor control to infotainment systems and auto body control. Selecting the “right” microcontroller is important to the system’s overall performance, power consumption, and capabilities. The MCUs must be robust enough to withstand the harsh automotive environment, and must be available for an extended period of time.

Fortunately, Fujitsu has a broad spectrum of microcontrollers that meet virtually any automotive-MCU need. Here are 10 important features that have helped make Fujitsu the microcontroller supplier of choice for leading automotive companies worldwide.

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Table of Contents

Low voltage detection 2
Watchdog timers 2
MCUs for Hybrid Clusters 2
Dedicated memory 3
Automotive grounding 3
Vbat level direct input 3
MCUs for Inverter Motor Control 4
Terminal function relocation 4
ADC-assist functions 4
LIN hardware-assist functions 4
Fujitsu: the Optimal Supplier 5

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