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Graphics Display Controllers (GDCs)


Fujitsu is the global leader for embedded 2D/3D graphics solutions. Advanced GDCs from Fujitsu offer single-chip solutions for displaying content on small-form factor, high-resolution LCDs. Fujitsu GDCs are ideally suited for a wide range of applications, including automotive, medical, avionics, industrial, white goods, point-of-sale, vending machines, kiosks and gaming.

Fujitsu Graphics Display Controllers Product Brief (3.78 MB )

Graphics Display Controllers for Medical Devices

GDCs for Medical Applications				Fujitsu's graphic display controllers incorporate a graphics processing unit (GPU) and an equally powerful display controller unit (DCU) in a single device for supporting a wide range of medical devices for displaying vital statistics so that people can quickly and easily see what’s happening.Read more about our unique line of GDCs for Medical applications.

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